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This page is the fourth page dedicated to those members of the so-called "coalition" forces who have had their lives taken from them since the spring invasion of Iraq.

The Iraq Memorial Wall consists of a series of banners. Each banner has three panels. The first banner has a "Title Page" and two additional panels with the picture (where available) and brief biographical data about 13 of the dead. Subsequent banners have three panels of 13 dead each, for a total of 39 dead per banner.

In Santa Fe, the local Kinko's has been kind enough to produce these vinyl banners from the PDF files on this site at half price -- or about $63 each. We use them at weekly demonstrations and at other events such as the local "Day of the Dead" ceremony.

Each file is approximately 1mb in size and contains one panel (3 panels to a banner). They are labeled sequentially in "death order." (That is, deaths reported on panel 2 precede deaths reported on panel 3 and so on.) You may download them from this site or request a CDROM from our chapter by sending an e-mail to info@vfp-santafe.org.

Panel 46
Panel 47
Panel 48
Panel 49
Panel 50
The Cost of Occupation (Full Banner with Stats)
Wounded Panel 1
Wounded Panel 2
Wounded Panel 3