Meeting Minutes


Santa Fe Veterans For Peace
Chapter Meeting via Zoom Minutes
Aug 24, 2022

In attendance

Lola Moonfrog, Jean Darling, Ken Mayers, Greg Corning,, Bushrod Lake


  1. Proposal to collaborate with Nonviolent Santa Fe (nonviolent Days of Action from Sept 21 to Oct 2). Here's a link to the page describing those days:
  2. Climate Change & Militarism event at U.U. on Sunday 4th of September.
  3. Joining Los Alamos Study Group press conference.
  4. Convention preview. What are you looking forward to?
  5. Contacting Ryan Timmermans (the Veterans Offgrid man).
  6. Pond Foundation grant.
  7. Items from the proverbial floor.

Actions agreed on

– Greg will ask Retake Our Democracy if they want to weigh in on Days of Action with Nonviolent Santa Fe.

– Ken will ask Pam about connecting with YUCCA for Days of Action (once we have an action decided on).

– Ken will set up Zoom meeting for Wednesday 31st of August to plan Days of Action.

– Jean will contact ACLU NM about Days of Action (before the event, but not before next meeting). Also will contact Interfaith Leadership Alliance.

– We will meet Wednesday the 31st at 3 p.m. to work on Days of Action plan.

– Greg will contact KSFR, KCEI, KUNM about public service announcement for Climate Change & Militarism event. Will also look for receptive faculty members at St. John’s College, Northern New Mexico College who might want to broadcast the news.

– Greg will contact Ryan Timmermans.


Santa Fe Veterans For Peace
Chapter Meeting via Zoom Minutes
July 28, 2022

In attendance

Jean DarlingBob Josephs, Bushrod Lake, George Jiracek, Greg Corning, Ken Mayers



* Open letter to Biden – is the press-ready version ready to go

* Roger Waters concerts

* Los Alamos gathering on the 6th

* Wedding at our vigil on the 19th

* Ask for ideas about the “re-imagine LANL” project

* Sept. 4th Climate & Militarism event at U.U.

* PFAS clean-up advocacy 

Actions agreed on

Greg will send final press-ready copy of “VFP open letter to Biden” to Bob so he can submit it to Santa Fe New Mexican.

Greg will look at the National Priorities Project and see how that might apply to a possible Re-imagine LANL project.

Jean will ask the pastor at the Taos Unitarian Universalist congregation to publicize the Hiroshima day gathering.

Greg will invite Ryan Timmerman to speak to our chapter at the next meeting.

George will write up a brief on us advocating for PFAS testing at local suspect locales, and will also contact NM PBS reporter Laura Paskus to see if she’s interested in the issue.

Santa Fe Veterans For Peace
Chapter Meeting via Zoom Minutes
March 24, 2022

In attendance

Marcy Matasick, Ken Mayers, Lola Moonfrog, Jay Heyman, James Asparro, Bob Josephs, Greg Corning, Eduardo Krasilovsky, Bushrod Lake

Actions agreed on

  • Bob will talk or email with Santa Fe City Councilor Carol Wirth re. TPNW resolution.

  • Ken will write a prologue and make some edits to the TPNW city council resolution.

  • Greg will look into World Beyond War’s “War Abolition 101” course – for one of us.

  • Friday the 25thvigil (tomorrow) will be at the state capitol, east side.


  • Santa Fe City Council resolution to support U.S. adoption of TPNW, nuclear cutbacks

  • Proposed temporary change of vigil in support of Fridays For The Future

  • VA clinic closures

  • Ukraine situation

City Council resolution

First find out what terminology etc. to use with the council. Bob will contact his council person, Carol Wirth.

Need to confirm the cost of nuclear weapons arsenal.

Worrisome – sneaking in acceptance of nuclear weapons by introducing
“tactical nukes” into our consciousness. Tactical nukes advertised as acceptable nukes.

Want to get across the idea that there are too damn many nukes out there.

We have to write the proposed resolution in a way that it will pass (the council). Will the Santa Fe City Council accept a push to cancel the nuke modernization/upgrade program? Thats the most politically controversial part.

The idea is to educate the public. If [introducing the resolution] creates division in the council, that will draw press/media attention which will help educate the public.

This [proposed resolution] is not tied to Russia possibly using nuclear weapons [in Ukraine invasion]. That possibility makes it more personal, more real. Can the resolution be tied to that?

That is the backdrop we have (Putin/Ukraine). Everybody knows. That can help us get it over the finish line (with city council). The need is urgent more than ever (in view of Ukraine conflict).

[About proposed cover letter] Everybody has so much to read. I would add just five lines to the resolution, not a cover letter. Should be all in one page, including strong prologue stating the situation today.

Bob: Eduardo, would you like to write the prologue? Ken is going to make some changes [next week]. We need the prologue by next week. Then we can submit the resolution. Like to get this going next couple of weeks.

Let’s start off with just one council member. And on her suggestion we might want to make some more revisions.

Jay Coghlan said he will approach Linda Villarreal [of the city council].

Location of Friday vigil

It might be at the state capitol. To join in the Fridays For the Future gathering. Joni Arends [Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety] will be there.

In subsequent weeks, back at corner of Alameda and Guadalupe.

VA Clinic closures

Proposed VA clinic closures – I doubt any of this will happen. It’s an election year… If there are any demonstrations against closures, we could step up. ABQ has been very active over last 5 years (around VA issues).

Clinics suggested for closure are Santa Fe, Gallup, Las Vegas, Peñasco.

Letters to the editor might be better than demonstrations. A “My View” [column in Santa Fe New Mexican]would be better.

VA clinics are very important in New Mexico because they provide health care for somewhat remote areas, and have expertise in conditions that tend to be endemic among veterans.

World Beyond War “War Abolition 101” course

Maybe our chapter could fund tuition for one of us to take the World Beyond War “War Abolition 101” course and then teach it to all of us.

It requires a commitment of time.

Santa Fe Veterans For Peace
Chapter Meeting via Zoom Minutes
February 24, 2022

In attendance

Eduardo Krasilovsky

Ken Mayers

Jean Darling

Bob Josephs

Greg Corning


Actions agreed on

  • Greg will email VFP Santa Fe about 01 March petition delivery
  • Greg will work with Eduardo on a “What Is to What If” sort of session for helping plan strategy
  • Greg will distribute a template letter people can use for writing letters to editors about the nuclear posture review



   Need to get VFP locally and nationally on the same page regarding Ukraine – what’s our position.

   How to be effective in changing society? One way is to imagine a desired future and work back to the present, “discovering” the steps that had to be taken along the way.

   Also, need to get a wide range of issue-oriented groups together; learn from each other’s different points of view.

   The novel “Ministry For the Future” (Kim Stanley Robinson) is of interest for the crisis moment we’re in.

   VFP has credibility to educate people on matters of war and peace, broadly speaking.

   VFP people are experts in hope, and in well-being, because many have turned themselves around 180º from what they once believed, and are recovering from PTSD.

    Threat [of nuclear or other war] reduction is very important.

Santa Fe Veterans For Peace
Chapter Meeting via Zoom Minutes
November 18, 2021

In Attendance

George Jiracek

Lola Moonfrog

Greg Corning

Ken Mayers

Bob Josephs


Actions Agreed On

+ Ken will contact YUCCA about having the Climate Change & Militarism (CC&M) presentation in their meeting.

+ Bob will contact about the same.

+ Greg will contact River Source about CC&M presentation.

+ Lola will try to dig up contacts in watershed groups, Wild Earth Guardians re. CC&M.

+ Ken will contact Rep. Fernandez’s staff about a meeting.

+ We all will hit up friends for donations; Bob is energizing that effort. Ken will email the VFP list about this.

+ Everyone will think about projects we can do that might be effective.



1. Meeting with Rep. Fernandez

2. Whistle-blower portrait exhibition (“Americans Who Tell the Truth”)

3. Fund-raising

4. Climate Crisis & Militarism presentation – review

5. From the floor 

4. Climate Crisis & Militarism presentation review

Bob: Very good. Despite stumble at beginning (no host present).

Ken: Wondering who was present from other organizations.

George: You know Tom ____ of I think they would be very interested in the CC&M presentation.

Lola: Just listened to (NPR); Bernie Sanders’ critique of “no money for climate change, but then exponential increases in military budget”.

            Matching grants… POND Foundation. … What would be enough to bring Mike Peled here, and what would be enough to bring _________.

            It should be in the high schools…

Ken: It should be. And in recruiting fairs.

            I need to talk to Miko in the next couple of days; I could ask him what it would cost to bring him here.

            Santa Feans for Justice in Palestine has been talking about having conversation [with certain writers].

Lola: Other thing to try to get Jim Jenko’s CC&M presentation to YUCCA and other groups.

Ken: Jim is in NM, and I think he would be happy to come up and do the presentation in person.

Lola: A Zoom was fine – was good. I just want to make it more available.

            I keep thinking about Gamers For Peace; linking up, getting it [the word on climate & militarism] out.

            I have someone in my circle who is a really good person, and he is a super-Trumpster. I cannot talk with him about climate change being human-caused. Dream of bringing information like that in front of people like that.

Ken: Strategically, what you imagine – an open fan. On the right edge are the solid supporters of what we’re thinking; on the other edge are the never-ever accept what we’re thinking. Between are all these gradients of people – indifferent, or unaware. You have a much better chance of winning your cause if you go after the people who are in between, not the never-ever people.

            Sierra Club and national level won’t touch this because they’re afraid of losing their donors. You can approach it at the local level. At their local meetings. The real grass roots.

            We could talk to Seneca at YUCCA, see if they would like to host a meeting with that. And maybe teachers in schools.

Bob: How cohesive is YUCCA right now?

Ken: Pretty cohesive around the projects they’re doing.

            Kind of shifted some of their focus to pandemic mutual aid.

Bob: How many are involved?

Ken: Don’t know; at the governor’s office, there were about 70.

            Could ask Bianca…

Bob: It was great that one of them did attend. She was quite articulate. I commend Lola for encouraging her to speak.

Lola: When I was that age, it was so hard for me to jump into a conversation with adults.

Bob: What should our next step be? I like the idea of the monthly meeting presentation.

Ken: They announce the monthly meeting in their weekly emails. If you would contact them about the possibility of presenting at their monthly meeting – I will contact YUCCA.

George: With, we contacted about PFAS. That is not in their local goals.

            But each local can decide on their own objectives. They’re certainly active in Albuquerque; don’t know about Santa Fe.

Ken: Lola, do you know anyone in the local Sierra Club?

Lola: I’ve been in touch with Sam Hitt – Wild Earth Guardians. There are some watershed people.. I’ll try to dig that up.

Bob: I can try to contact someone over there [Sierra Club].

Greg: I will contact River Source.

Bob: I contacted Gary Butterfield. He wanted to know if we’d like to set up our own presentation; I said we’d rather have Jim Jenko do it. It seems they don’t need much lead time on it.


1. Rep. Fernandez

Bob: I think we should approach her and present our points of view; but I don’t think she’ll be able to do much. It’s our Senators who have clout here. She’s a junior rep, not on the right committees…

Lola: I feel like you never know – planting a seed; she might end up on the right committees…

Ken: I think we might be able to move her on some things. Barbara Lee has introduced a House bill requiring the military to disclose their emissions.

            That was one of the asks of ________ – to approach our reps to ask them to co-sponsor. I think that’s something we could get her to move on.

Bob: I agree – I think we should try to make contact with her.

Ken: I was at an event with Anna Hansen; she is willing to come to a meeting.

Greg: [Disagrees; think we veterans should meet alone with her staff first, two or three times.]

Ken: I think Anna Hansen will be an asset in either situation; she is a friend of Terese L.F.

George: Gary Butterfield… might have tips on how to get hold of the right person.

Ken: Barbara Lee has been a long-time supporter of VFP.


3. Fund-raising

Bob: This is an opportunity to ask friends for money. Have to direct them to our website.

Ken: PayPal is there on our website. If you’re using email you can put in a button with a direct link.

            Giving Tuesday is Nov. 30th; might try to get people to add us to their giving list.

Greg: How about $1 per poppy?

Bob: Difficult logistically; good idea.

KEn: Would likely take more energy than it would return.

Lola: Matching grant – wheels are turning very slow. But I hear you Bob about the time of year that people open their wallets. POND Foundation.

Bob: November 30th is giving Tuesday; this is the time we go out to our networks, ask for a few bucks.

Ken: In our young years, POND Foundation was extremely generous to us. LED projector; laptop… It was a challenge from the pOnd fountation that made it possible.

            [Discussion about Tim Origger (sp?)]


2. Exhibition – Americans Who Tell the Truth

Ken: Would be a big undertaking – seeking funds, venue, support. Question is whether that would be the best place to put our energies, or maybe something closer to ABQ-StaFe interests? Something more directly nuclear-focused, climate-changed focused…

            If we use the art exhibit as a benchmark of the scale of what we’d like to do, think about what project we could do [more in line with our local issues].


5. About Strategizing

Greg: Eduardo’s point that despite our efforts, things haven’t changed. So we should sit down and really look at what we can do differently. But I see it as maybe planting a seed, or wearing away at a rock little by little.

Lola: It’s true that there isn’t enough that has changed… I see why Eduardo says not enough has changed.

            The problem is, this is kind of how the world works. If we let ourselves get depressed by that, we’re in deep doo-doo. We have to keep going; help each other keep our juice. Climate, racism, ...

Ken: I was listening to a conversation between Daniel Ellsberg and Norman Solomon. Daniel was harking back to the nuclear freeze movement which started with town halls in Vermont and in 1989 ended up with 1 million people in NYC… Polls then showed that 92% of people supported a freeze. Ellsberg said “Where are all those people now?” Neither he nor Solomon had an answer other than to keep trying harder, waking up more people.

George: You guys are a little tough on yourselves; don’t know of any other chapter that does something every Friday.

            I’m thinking of what we’ve done in San Diego. Homeless issue work; Golden Rule visit. We’re supporting other groups that are supporting homeless.

Ken: We show up and support other people. Red Nation for example. Other organizations in town ask us to support them – CCNS, Nuke Watch – and we do. Seems like nuclear issues are a natural place for us to give support.

            Apart from the weekly protest, not sure what we can do. Maybe try to beat our head against the wall of our congressional delegation around nuclear weapons.

George: The San Diego chapter had a “No mas” campaign about the annual airshow – and it’s been cancelled.

            We had a good turnout Armistice Day; three television stations had us on their evening news.

Bob: PBS series on veterans – the 2nd episode was about homecoming. There were VFP people in there.


Young people to maybe contact. Greg suggested asking them what day and time we could schedule our meetings that would be best for them.





Santa Fe Veterans For Peace
Chapter Meeting via Zoom Minutes
July 15, 2021

A zoom-based meeting of the Joan Duffy Chapter of Veterans For Peace was held on Thursday, July 15, 2021.


1. Hiroshima & Nagasaki commemorations at Los Alamos and Taos

2. East Bay Chapter Resolution on Taiwan — rewrite or drop?

3. Armistice Day bell-ringing campaign initiation

4. Future chapter meeting venues: Zoom, in person, or hybrid?

5. Picking a date for presentation by the Climate Crisis and Militarism Project

6. Items from floor

In attendance

Greg Corning

Ken Mayers

Eduardo Krasilovsky

Bob Josephs

Lola Moonfrog

Actions Agreed On

  1. Hiroshima-Nagasaki commemorations–
    VFP Santa Fe, CCNS, and Nuke Watch New Mexico will host a vigil at Ashley Pond, Los Alamos NM on August 7. Ken will contact the Taos event organizers for updated plans on the Taos Environment Film Festival on August 8. (He is speaking at the event.)
  2. Decided to drop the East Bay Chapter Resolution for the time being since it may be submitted to the convention committee.
  3. Bell-ringing for Armistice Day
    Greg will contact VFP Minneapolis chapter (Dave Logsdon) about how they get organizations to ring their bells.
    Ken will contact the Interfaith Leadership Alliance about houses of worship ringing bells.
    Bob will contact Jay Coghlan about persuading the archbishop to have the cathedral (and other Catholic institutions) ring their bells.
  4. Decided to continue zoom meetings for the time being.
  5. Presentation by VFP Climate Crisis and Militarism Project
    Eduardo will contact Santa Fe to check for their interest in attending.  Ken will check with YUCCA.  We will then look for a date after the convention
  6. Items from the floor
    Greg will email Prof. Linda Richards about a presentation on the expansion of RECA.

Santa Fe Veterans For Peace
Chapter Meeting via Zoom Minutes
May 20, 2021

A zoom-based meeting of the Joan Duffy Chapter of Veterans For Peace was held on Thursday, May 20, 2021.


  • Update on No Nukes working group progress
  • Update on approach to our congress critters
  • Possible Miko Peled event
  • Memorial Day flowers
  • Reviving the Bring Them Home poster concept
  • Items from the floor

We were joined by George Jiracek (he accepts the pronunciation Jurassic), a recent addition to the San Diego chapter.  George is a PhD geophysicist with a current interest in the pervasive poisoning of the environment with PFAS.  PFAS was developed by DuPont in 1930s-40s and first used in 1943 in Los Alamos with the Manhattan Project.  

The VFP No-Nukes Working Group (formally the Nuclear Abolition Working Group) has formed sub-groups as follow:  coordinating committee; education committee; legislative committee; mobilization committee.  An overall statement of purpose is being drafted.

Discussion of a Miko Peled event was deferred pending coordination with Santa Feans for Justice in Palestine.

Members will gather, as usual,  at the national cemetery to lay flowers on the graves of deceased chapter members buried there.  We will meet at national cemetery office at 3 p.m. (15:00) 

The chapter will invite CCNS and Nuke Watch New Mexico to collaborate on planning an August recess meeting with our new congress person, Teresa Leger Fernandez.

Ken Mayers and Bob Josephs agreed to check out a possible site for mounting a Bring Them All Home mural.

Santa Fe Veterans For Peace
Chapter Meeting via Zoom Minutes
March 18, 2021

A zoom-based meeting of the Joan Duffy Chapter of Veterans For Peace was held on Thursday, March 18, 2021.

Present: Bob Josephs; Ken Mayers; Greg Corning; Eduardo Krasilovsky; Barney McGrath

Old business 

Part of VFP Project to “Reclaim Armistice Day.”  Effort to get local churches to ring bells on Armistice Day (AKA Veterans Day) at 11:00 am

  • No responses to date from chapter email request
  • Jay Coghlan may contact archbishop, but right now he’s focused on getting archbishop’s support on nuclear issues. Ken will stay in touch with Jay about that.
  • Ken will contact interfaith leadership council
  • Ken will contact Minneapolis chapter; they may have ideas ‘cause they’ve been doing it a long time
  • Motion passed to intensify efforts along these lines in June

New Business

1. Plan and schedule repeated meetings with our congressional delegation and/or their staff members, each meeting focused on a specific issue.

  • Working group to head this up. Chair Eduardo; Greg; Bob; Barney
  • Eduardo suggested  VFP HQ to get chapter in each state to do this; Ken will float idea with the board
  • Issue suggestion: Get behind Eleanor Holmes Norton’s bill on nuclear weapons.
  • Issue suggestion: Support Tularosa Downwinders’ effort to amend and extend RECA 
  • Issue suggestion: Prioritize No first-use policy + and DoD budget cut
  • Strategy suggestion for Working Group: Get roster of Congressional Delegations’ staff people including each staffer’s area of responsibility. 

2. Leave No One Behind mural project.

  • Purpose of project is to mobilize support 1) executive order to bring deported veterans back to the United States, and 2) Chuy Garcia’s New Way Forward, an act to dismantle the ‘prison to deportation’ system and challenge systemic racism in immigration laws.
  • Mural is 90” tall by 70” wide, printed on vinyl in two pieces at cost of $300.
  • Approach: 1) Get members to help identify appropriate “candidate” walls (preferably high pedestrian traffic; smooth blank wall; 2) select wall and get permission to post; 3) Acquire and put up mural; 3) Follow-up
  • Bob Josephs volunteered to draft e-mail to chapter

3.  Continued resistance to LANL incursion into Santa Fe

  • Good partnership with CCNS and Nuke Watch NM
  • CCNS is making more, smaller banners to point to leased building
  • Barney suggests recruiting a mayoral candidate who would resist LANL  (DSA lead effort?)

4. Participate in the VFP Nuclear Abolition Working Group’s anti-nuke campaign

  • NAWG core group is drafting campaign strategy with priority on No First Use and No Launch on Warning.

6. ICAN cities appeal.  (Tabled until future meeting)

7. Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium campaign to amend and extend RECA

  • We will support IAW further information from TBDC

Santa Fe Veterans For Peace
Chapter Meeting via Zoom Minutes
February 18, 2021

A zoom-based meeting of the Joan Duffy Chapter of Veterans For Peace was held on Thursday, February 18, 2021.

Participants were Greg Condon, Bob Josephs, Bushrod Lake, Ken Mayers, and Lola Moonfrog.

Old Business: Chapter role in VFP’s “Take Back Armistice Day” project.

It was agreed that the chapter will encourages local organizations of worship that have bells to ring those bells on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.  Pursuant to that goal, Ken Mayers will approach the Interfaith Council for their support and will ask Jay Coglan to use his influence with the Archbishop of the Santa Fe Archdiocese to encourage Catholic churches to participate.  Greg Condon will send an e-mail to the chapter membership, encouraging those who are church members to get their churches involved.

New Business: In light of the recent lease of Santa Fe office space by Los Alamos National Laboratories, it was decided to move the traditional Friday noon protest to the corner of West Alameda and Guadalupe, the nearest corner to the LANL lease.  We will monitor the number of protesters.  If it drops to the point where chapter members are almost the only protesters, we will move back to Cerrillos and St. Francis.  Bob Josephs is drafting a response to the Santa Fe New Mexican’s unfortunate editorial welcoming LANL.

it was also decided that for the foreseeable future, chapter meetings will be held on Zoom on the third Thursday of the month at 4:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Mayers
Major USMCR (Ret’d.)
Chapter Secretary

Santa Fe Veterans For Peace
Chapter Meeting via Zoom
January 7, 2021
The meeting convened at 4:00pm.
Participants:  James Asparro, Jay Coglin, Greg Corning, Bob Josephs, Eduardo Krasilovsky, Bushrod Lake, Ken Mayers, Basia Miller, Lola Moonfrog, Joel Sauer, Leona Stucky
1. New business to discuss — focused on The Nuclear Ban Treaty that goes into effect on January 22.  Ideas for possible action:
            a. Draw up a resolution for Santa Fe City Council (and StaFe County Commission?) and corral some co-signers.
            b. Co-sponsor a webinar to be given by Jay Coglan of Nuke Watch New Mexico and Joni Arends of Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety (CCNS). Potential co-sponsors: Retake Our Democracy; RepresentUS NM; YUCCA; Extinction Rebellion.
            c. Generate letters or a campaign of letters to editors of Santa Fe New Mexican, Santa Fe Reporter, Albuquerque Journal.
            d. Work out an expanded vigil for Friday the 22nd of January – the day the UN ban on nuclear weapons takes effect. Recruit CCNS to bring their new banners.   Follow the noon Santa Fe vigil with a caravan to Los Alamos for a vigil at Ashley Pond.
Before diving into the four ideas, Jay Coglin of Nuke Watch New Mexico provided a short briefing on the background of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  The information he presented (and more) can be found at  The treaty has received almost no attention from the mainstream media; consequently very few Americans even know it exists.  In the short term, the treaty is not likely to have any real impact on US policy.  But in the long term, growing pressure from the citizenry can impact policy.  The VFP mission as an educational NGO is to raise awareness as a starting point.
After an extensive discussion, the meeting voted unanimously to commit to the expanded vigil idea.  Outreach efforts were taken on as follow: Greg Corning will contact Paul Gibson at Retake Our Democracy and request some time on Paul's radio program.  Eduardo Krasilovsky will contact Xtinction Rebellion and DSA Santa Fe. James Asparro will contact ACLU Santa Fe. &nbs p;Ken Mayers will contact YUCCA, Tularosa Basin Downwinders, Robert Nott at the New Mexican, and the Albuquerque Chapter of VFP.  Leona Stucky will contact the Social Justice Team at the UU Congregation. Jay Coglin will contact Scott Wyland at the New Mexican.  Bob Josephs and Ken Mayers will explore cost of advertising in Pasatiempo and/or Sunday New Mexican.
This item was deferred as requiring a longer-term effort than possible by January 22.
Jay Coglin will contact Ira Helfand of ICANN about his availability to participate in such a webinar. If Helfand agrees to participate we will start planning a webinar to fit his schedule.
Bob Josephs has drafted a letter which the chapter meeting requested he submit immediately.  All members are encouraged to consider submitting their own letters.
The meeting adjourned at 5:30pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Kenneth E. Mayers
Chapter Secretary.  

Minutes of Santa Fe Veterans For Peace Chapter Meeting on Thursday, February 13, 2020

  • Hilario Romero, guest who spoke of his in depth knowledge of Los Alamos and early nuclear age. Offered to do power point presentation at 2020 Covention. May fit into Movie nights or plenary
  • Brief report by Daniel on Chapter finances.
  • Daniel suggested we consider phone bank in April to raise $ and encourage dues.
  • Bob and Ken will revise solicitation letter for donations.
  • Daniel announced that he is now  National Treasurer of VFP
  • Brief discussion of how to incorporate "Freedom Flotilla' (Gaza) into Convention.
  • Considered Voter registration effort by our Chapter ? No conclusion reached.
  • Discussed shuttle for Convention attendees to Crown Plaza. Must determine availability and price. Will SF/ALB Chapters pay ?
  • Start planning for construction of raft of candle(s) on Ashley Pond for Aug. 6. French volunteered to make, but needs a plan. Should have sub committee.
  • French and Ruth will remain in ALB on Aug. 6 and coordinate volunteers.
  • Should we purchase another "Stop the War on Mother Earth" banner ? This image get lots of attention.
  • National Convention planning meeting at LaFarge library, Wed., Feb 19 at 12:00 pm.
  • Next Chapter Meeting is potluck at Bob and Donna's home on Friday, March 20. Ken Mayers will present a program of his Irish adventures on that night.
Respectfully submitted,

Bob Josephs

Minutes of Santa Fe Veterans For Peace Chapter Meeting on Thursday, October 4, 2018.

First our thanks to the management of Body for graciously allowing us to use their Cafe area as a meeting place.

The agenda items were covered as follows:

  1. With regard to the possible table at Joan Baez concert at the Lensic on Oct 25, the Baez organization has indicated that they have no objection; now we just have to get the Lensic’s OK. Kourtney Andar has agreed to contact the Lensic on our behalf.  Dick Goldsmith will provide him with a copy of the e-mail from the Baez organization.
  2. Preparation for Mike Messner’s book signing at Collected Works on Nov 10 is well underway.  The Collected Works will have 40 copies on hand for signing and selling.  Greg Corning has contacted Paul Gibson, suggesting Daniel and Mike be interviewed on his KSFR program.  Paul is now in contact with Daniel and arrangements are being made for the program to air on Nov 10.  For more info go to
  3. Prep for “Take Back Armistice Day” parade on Nov 11.  Bob Josephs has been in touch with the city.  We will have a position in the parade.  Ken will send out a map (and possibly a satellite photo) of the assembly area.
  4. Plans in development for Ray Masterson memorial and “treasure” silent auction/sale.  Besides being a faithful and active member of the chapter — having missed only 2 or 3 Friday’s on the protest corner since we began the vigil in August 2002 — he (and Dawson) were members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Fe (UUSF).  The congregation will have its annual Day of the Dead observance on the Sunday prior to Day of the Dead — October 28.  The service will feature a memorial to Ray (and two other recently deceased members).  Following the service there will be a sale and silent auction of many of Ray’s prized possessions, including his famous motorized trike.
  5. Promotion of School of Americas Watch “Encuentro” on the border in Nogales AZ and Nogales, Sonora.  Many VFP chapters, including ours, are endorsers of the event.  At least five and perhaps more members of the chapter will participate in the Nogales events, Nov 16-18.  We encourage others to consider it.  For more info go to
  6. Status of planning for VFP International Convention 2020 in ABQ and Los Alamos.  There is now a consultant working with the national office on identifying and subsequently negotiation with venues for VFP conventions.  Ken will be submitting a scenario to the consultant who will then seek bids from selected hotels that we can compare with the bid already received from The Ramada Downtown.
  7. Lisa Sullivan from the Lifesongs gave us a brief presentation about Lifesongs.  Lifesongs free concerts are the culmination of months of creative collaboration between people of different ages, genders, race and life experiences, fostering communities of care and restoring dignity through stories and connection. The performances celebrate the voices of our elders, the insights gained at end-of-life, and the extraordinary alchemy of intergenerational creative exchange.  Since its beginnings in 2007, Lifesongs’ multigenerational collaborations have included collaborations with elderly veterans. The 2018 concert is focused on sharing and lifting the stories of veterans in our community.  Event tickets are donation based and seating is general admission. DATE: Friday, October 26th; TIME: 7:00 PM- 9:00 PM  LOCATION: James A. Little Theater at New Mexico School for the Deaf.
  8. Kourtney Andar has agreed to take over as Chapter Secretary.  Kourtney and Daniel Craig have offered to take over responsibility for the website after some training from Ken Mayers.

Chapter Meeting Minutes - 16 August 2018

Attending: Daniel Craig, Greg Congdon, Dick Goldsmith, Ruth Sabiers, French Legere, Dia Winograd, Bob Josephs, Donna Rae Peth, Ken Mayers
The annnotated agenda:
1. VFP International Convention
Bob and Donna, Daniel, and Ken are going.  Barbara Jones from Angel Fire is excited to meet us there.  This is her first VFP convention.

2. Hosting 2020 VFP International Convention 
ABQ chapter wants a set of questions answered before committing.  Most of the questions must be answered by the national office.  One for us was how many of our chapter are committed to work if we move forward.  Our estimate is ten.  And there was expressed serious interest in moving ahead whether ABQ does or not.
3. Update on Armistice Day Parade participation
Bob is communicating with the city office about it.  Ken will use google earth to create a visual aid for finding the assembly point and the parking area on Morales road.  Meet at 9:30; parade starts at 10:00.
4. Update on sponsoring book signing and promotion f/Michael Messner in Nov
Daniel has contacted Collected Works about a signing on Nov 10 and is waiting to hear back.  The book is “Guys Like Me: Five Wars, Five Veterans for Peace.”  The website is up at and it is terrific.  As one of the five vets, Daniel is on the cover of the book and on the homepage of the website.
5. Contacting churches to ring bells on Armistice Day
Rabbi Neil Amswich is the current president of the Interfaith Council.  Ken will contact him about it after the convention.  Since the convention has a theme of “Reclaim Armistice Day,” there should be some good supporting material to use in approaching the council.
6. Possible fundraising events over next 6-9 months
Dick Goldsmith suggested approaching Joan Baez (or her people) about tabling at her appearance at the Lensic and contributing some signed CDs for a fundraiser to support young vets participation in the Veteran Peace Teams.  He has agreed to make the approach.  Other ideas: Greg Congdon suggested concerts (e.g. Charlie King, Tom Sullivan.)  Daniel will contact Jason Silverman at CCA about a film or film series either at the Cinematheque or at The Screen.  Leading suggestion in support of the armistice theme, All Quiet on the Western Front , Paths of Glory, Gallipoli, Joyeux Noel, Why We Fight.
7. Update on Ray Masterson’s condition
Ray has been diagnosed with fourth stage metastatic cancer.  Dawson is living with Ken but spends much of his time with Ray, including support at medical appointments, administrivia, and church.  Anyone would be willing to be part of a support team for Ray, please contact Ken by e-mail.
8. Next chapter meeting will be a potluck at the home of Ken & Jasmine Stewart on Friday, September 7.  An announcement and directions to their house will be sent out as the date gets closer.

Respectfully submitted

Kenneth Mayers
Secretary Veterans For Peace - Santa Fe

Chapter Meeting Minutes - June 7, 2018

The Joan Duffy Chapter of Veterans For Peace convened the June Chapter Meeting on at 6:15pm Thursday, 7 June, 2018 in the Pick Room of  the Santa Fe Main Library.
Attendees:  Daniel Craig, Michael Aune, Greg Corning, Nona Lee Gregg, & Ken Mayers.  
Actions taken:
 1. Discussed & voted on contributing $200 to ad regarding the Burn's "Vietnam War" film.  Passed.
 2. Update on Armistice Day Parade.  Bob Josephs will contact the city when the time gets closer.
 3. Continued discussion on co-hosting the 2020 International VFP Convention w/Albuquerque VFP Chapter.  Ken Mayers will press ABQ leaders to gather availability and pricing information on potential ABQ venues.  Mentioned were the University and the College of New Mexico facilities as well as the Marriott Pyramid and the Airport Sheraton.  The goal is to have sufficient information to issue RFPs by the end of the month.  Michael Aune has extensive experience in this area of endeavor and has volunteered to play a key part in the process.  We will also consider Buffalo Thunder if they can schedule sufficient shuttle service for arriving conventioneers.
 4. We will not create a new banner specifically to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day since we have a beautiful new Armistice Day banner already.  However we may have some special signs made focused on the hundredth anniversary of the WWI armistice.  
 5. Chapter potluck is tentatively scheduled for July 14 or July 21.  Ken Mayers will send out an e-mail asking for volunteer hosts.
Adjourned at 6:40pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Ken Mayers — Chapter Secretary

Veterans for Peace Santa Fe Chapter 
Minutes of Meeting on 4 January 2018

Attendees: Bob Josephs, Donna Rae Peth, Eduardo Krasilovsky, Daniel Craig, Dia Winograd, Nona Lee Gregg, Kourtney Andar, Marjorie Young, Jasmine Stewart, Joanna Dewey, Ken Mayers
Notes on the meeting are inserted in blue into the agenda below.

  1. Planning for the MyLai interactive art exhibit at El Museo Cultural on March 2,3,4.  See exhibit description below and the attached PDF file on hosting the exhibit.  (See notes following the agenda.)
  2. Discussion of feasibility of jointly hosting the 2020 VFP Convention with the Albuquerque Chapter, with an action planned for the Sunday of the conference at Los Alamos.  It will be the 75th anniversary of the dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Sunday August 9th will actually be the anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing.  Ken will coordinate with Albuquerque Chapter to assess willingness of members of both chapters to commit to working on the convention.
  3. Request from Iyad Burnat to act as fiscal sponsor for his fund-raising effort to pay for his son's surgery.  (Son was shot by the IDF. Approved by chapter.
  4. Sponsorship on Sunday  afternoon,. FEB. 18th of Combatants for Peace ( no money involved)  at the Unitarian Church  Approved by chapter.
  5. Women's March on Sun., 21 Jan. (attendance and a VFP speaker) Attendance will be pushed on the Chapter Facebook page.
  6. Local chapter dues of $12 annually  Will be pushed by e-mail and Facebook.
  7. KEN’S GARAGE FILES AND STUFF  Meeting instructed Ken to recycle any files over 5 years old.
  8. Brainstorm activities for 2018.
  9. Items from the floor.
============================ My Lai Exhibit - Basis event structure =======================
From: Mac MacDevitt <>
Subject: Re: About the My Lai Memorial Exhibit
Hi Maria,
The Memorial Exhibit is a pop-up exhi bit. It is being designed to be flexible and to accommodate to existing spaces. We are still building the panels and experimenting with possible Exhibit configurations.
We should be able to set the exhibit in about 4 hrs.
We don’t need to hang anything on the walls. The panels are not lighted, so we just need decent interior light.
Bob Josephs briefed the attendees on the requirements for the event.  Dia will do the Facebook PR, Jasmine will be liaison to The New Mexican.  Daniel, Eduardo, and Ken committed to be on hand for setup and take-down.  Bob and Ken committed to Hosting the Chicago organizers of the event.

Veterans for Peace Santa Fe Chapter 
Minutes of Meeting on 17 May 2017

1.  The Chapter will again lay flowers on the graves of deceased members at 2pm on Memorial Day.  Daniel Craig will send out the notice (and reminders) as the day approaches.  Eduardo Krasilovsky will procure the flowers.

2 and 3.  The School of Americas Watch Convergence on the Border will take place at Nogales AZ and Nogales Mexico from Nov 10 (Marine Corps Birthday!) to Nov 12, thus including Armistice Day (or as the doctrinated say, Veterans Day).  Daniel Craig and Ken Mayers will probably be going, which means we need a volunteer to take charge of getting chapter to walk in the Santa Fe Parade.  (Daniel will do it if he doesn’t go to Nogales.)  We encourage more members to go to Nogales and if they don’t go we will guilt them into walking in the Santa Fe parade.  You don’t have to stay for the political speeches at the Veterans Memorial.

4.  There will be a chapter potluck in lieu of a regular chapter meeting in June.  The date has now been confirmed as Friday, June 23.  Ken and Jasmine Stewart will host at their home.  Reminders and a map will be e-mailed to the membership as the date approaches.  An empty gallon jug will be available for members who would like to pay their $12 annual chapter dues at the time — plus whatever donations you can afford.  For your convenience, however, you can donate your chapter dues right now by going online at  At the potluck we will discuss ideas for a new general purpose chapter banner.

5.  The VFP International Convention website is at  Your questions can probably be answered at

6.  The meeting voted to continue our $25/month contribution to the homeless outreach program.

7.  Eduardo Krasilovsky proposed evaluating the feasibility of collaborating with the Alternative High School (headed by Dana Richards) and possible others on utilizing part of their greenhouse for a veterans therapy gardening program.  He will take the initiative to contact people heavily involved in the greenhouse activities as well as resources at the Community College.

Veterans for Peace, Santa Fe Chapter
Meeting September 16, 2015

Historical/Hysterical Parade participation: VFP flag and banners were well-received all along the parade route.

"International Peace Day", Monday, 9.21.15. As of the chapter meeting, we had received no notices of activities for peace day, although Bob Josephs had sent an e-mail that afternoon about the planned Global Climate Change Action at the Cathedral on Sunday, 9.20.15. We did, in fact, have a presence at the Cathedral with two VFP flags and the “Stop the War on Mother Earth” banner.

Endorsement of Miko Peled (author: The General’s Son) speaking in Santa Fe (Unitarian Universalist Congregation - Nov 5 - 7:00pm) The chapter meeting voted to co-sponsor the event along with Santa Feans for Justice in Palestine and the Social Justice Team of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Santa Fe.

We have confirmed to the city that the chapter will participate in the Veterans’ Day Parade. We are also considering sponsoring a panel in conjunction with the event, probably the Saturday before, possibly in conjunction with the Farmers’ Market Institute. Daniel Craig will liaise with the Institute about it. Jonathan Engle and Cian Westmoreland are suggested panelists with a focus on sustainable agriculture as essential to peace. Ken will contact Cian and Eduardo Krasilovsky will check on an economist for the panel.

Endorsement of Bassem Tamimi event (October 4, 2015 - 7pm - UU Congregation). The chapter meeting voted to co-sponsor the event along with Santa Feans for Justice in Palestine and the Social Justice Team of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Santa Fe.

Proposal for new banner. Some ideas were kicked around. Ken has approached VFP’s principal banner designer, Ellen Davidson, about creating a graphic.

Dana Chwan moved that we adopt a $12/year dues requirement. The proposal was adopted unanimously. Dana gave us a check for her dues to kick things off.

Alan Smith informed the group about the Vets for Bernie movement. The chapter, of course, cannot endorse a candidate.

Chris Mechel informed the group about the deficiencies in the training of Santa Fe police as a result of the Martinez administration’s illegal reduction in the Law Enforcement Academy’s minimum requirement. The reduced curriculum is illegal because it was adopted without following the requirements of The Rules Act. There will be a hearing, probably in December, to make the reduction post facto. Chris says that if a couple of dozen informed citizens show up at the hearing, we may be able to derail the move. We discussed helping form a coalition of peace and justice organizations (ACLU, NAACP, Somos Unidos etc) to raise awareness of the issue. The old curriculum was 22 weeks; the reduced curriculum is 16 weeks. The reductions hit hardest in just those areas essential to community-sensitive, and civil-liberties-respectful policing.

Submitted by Ken Mayers

Veterans for Peace, Santa Fe Chapter
Meeting August 26, 2015

Sixteen people attended. Ray McGovern was a guest speaker.

After introductions Daniel Craig and Ray McGovern reported highlights of their experience of the annual VFP Convention attended by an estimated 400 people with 60 being “post cold-war vets: and three Santa Fe vets. The theme was Peace and Reconciliation in the Pacific and featured the Golden Rule, a sailboat sometimes call “The first peace ship.”  Four quakers attempted to sail it into the nuclear test area of the Pacific in 1958.  It was the inspiration for the Greenpeace “Rainbow Warrior.”  The sunken Golden Rule was found in Northern California by Veterans for Peace.   It has been refitted and will be going to ports offering peace education programs.

Daniel introduced a proposal for a new Chapter Banner aimed at the Vets Day parade. Several suggestions were made but no decision was finalized. Peace at Home; Peace Abroad; an economic theme, a contemporary look, Equal Justice. We will give it more thought and make a decision next meeting. We might also consider handing out cards with longer message. We also considered asking to have a VFP speaker at the post-parade “patriotic” presentations or to have an event to compete with that. It was noted that this would be a “sensitive” issue.

The Historical/Hysterical Parade (Fiesta) on the 13th will feature VFP ahead of the Lisa Law Peace Bus. We have been asked to meet at De Vargas Mall on the NE corner at 11:00 wearing VFP décor and with flags and banners.  We discussed older banners that were still relevant, how to use more than one in the Historical/Hysterical parade coming up.

The Campaign Non-Violence Convention held in Santa Fe from August 6 through August 9 included vigils at Los Alamos on both August 6 and 9 (Hiroshima and Nagasaki Days).  One or both of the vigils were attended by Ken Mayers, Bob Josephs, Nona Gregg, Daniel Craig, Dennis Dodson, and Barbara Conroy. The 6th had 300 people for the vigil and presentations; 400 attended on Sunday. The Chapter had leased 3 buses to transport people for $1600. Among the speakers at the conference was Erica Chenoweth who wrote Why Non-Violence Works identifying 300 events over a 106 year period, pinpointing how successful outcomes of conflict were achieved twice as often with non-violence than with violence. These were all popular resistance movements that succeeded in evicting a colonial regime or ousting a resented domestic regime. Erica’s presentation can be seen at  The presentation included several reasons for the superior results of non-violent direct action.

An endorsement from VFP chapter was sought by Citizens Climate Lobby for a Carbon Fee and Dividend to address the costs of climate change. This endorsement urges Congress to include a fee on carbon produced and then return a dividend to the American people. Speaking for CCL was Barbara Conroy. After a brief discussion, the endorsement was adopted by unanimous acclamation.

Ken Mayers reported on the VFP and personal checks in his office stolen by a workman and cashed. All has been resolved and no losses were incurred.

Ray McGovern spoke of his experiences in the military and CIA over several decades. He stressed the importance of using the credibility of VFP, in many cases earned by jail time, to promote peaceful resolution of current and pending conflicts. He declared “The General Officer Corps is totally corrupt” and described bizarre decision making with insufficiently secure lines of communication leading to corrosive situations. There is no free media now and that is a huge impact, offset only by the social media and Amy Goodman. We must educate ourselves so we can educate others. There is no basis for the opposition to Iran Nuclear Plan, they have not worked on nuclear weapons since 2003. The Israel lobby is making the threat. And racism is prevalent in many of the decisions. Ray stressed that “There is such a thing as ‘too late.” And VFP needs to use its credibility to take action and be “winter soldiers.”

Submitted by Barbara Conroy

August 27, 2015

Minutes of the VFP Santa Fe Chapter Meeting 
January 21, 2015

Attending Members: Daniel Craig, Geena Thomas, Bob Josephs, Nona Lee Gregg, David Froebel, Eduardo Krasilovsky, Ken Mayers

Guests: Cecile Lipworth and Jessica Eve Montoya, both coordinators of V-Day

1.  V-Day VFP Coordination.  Cecile is the local Director of V-Day activities.  She worked for Eve Ensler for 14 years and has also worked with Colonel Ann Wright and the Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) on V-Day’s One Billion Rising programs.  Jessica Eve Montoya has been involved with V-Day since 2012.  In recent years, the One Billion Rising Dance has been held on V-Day at the Roundhouse.  This year they will have a “community testimony" event at the Roundhouse at 2pm Friday, February 13, but the flashmob will be on February 14 on the parking lot of Santa Fe Place in order to make it more convenient for south-side residents.  Geena Thomas is the liaison between the V-Day planners and VFP.  V-Day would like to include a veteran in their community testimony lineup.  Their Flashmob plan includes a reading of “The Man Prayer.” Bob, Daniel, Eduardo, and Ken have volunteered to read portions of The Man Prayer with Daniel and Eduardo reading in Spanish, Bob and Ken in English.  Cecile will see that the readers get copies in advance.

In conjunction with V-Day, VFP will host “The Invisible War” at the CCA studio theatre on the afternoon of February 15. Jason Silverman at CCA will try to get either the director or the editor of the film to talk with the audience via Skype.  We may show a video of The Man Prayer and/or vignettes from One Billion Rising dancers while the theatre is filling. We currently plan to have a panel of not more than four “respondents” offer their responses immediately following the film, followed by general audience responses — a format similar to that followed at our showing of “The Kill Team.”  We hope the panel will include someone from Solace, possibly Keith Sailors (and Air Force recruiter who formerly dealt with military sexual trauma events), and Cpt. Tabitha Baker fr/the NM Army National Guard.  Ken Mayers will contact Dottie Beattie, Joan Duffy’s Vietnam roommate, to see if she would be willing to participate.

As soon as the time of showing is confirmed by Jason, both V-Day and VFP will start a publicity campaign to promote the showing.   V-Day will send e-mail blasts to 550 people on their lists; VFP will do the same for their 200 or so e-mail recipients.  Daniel Craig and Ken Mayers will be on the Julia Goldberg radio program on Friday 13 Feb. @ 11:30 a.m. Time has also been requested on Mary Charlotte’s Radio Cafe.  Cecile will pitch The Reporter to cover the events.

2.  Election of Officers — results

     President - Daniel D. Craig
     Vice President - Bob Josephs
     Treasurer - Bob Gaines
     Secretary - Ken Mayers

3.  A corporate resolution was passed, directing the officers to open a bank account at the Guadalupe Credit Union.

4. Commemoration of the Shock and Awe Attack on Iraq - March 19, 2003

The chapter has decided to try organizing an interfaith memorial service for all the victims of the unjustified war and its ongoing tragic consequences.  The Reverend Holly Beaumont will be the primary contact in the faith communities. We will try to get as broad a constituency of support as possible.  In addition to the usual congregations, particular mention was made of Fr. John Dear and Roshi Joan Halifax.   We have tentatively reserved the sanctuary at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation for the evening of Sunday, March 22 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

5.  The chapter deferred consideration of a Mothers’ Day event until Dana Chwan, who suggested it, can be present to lead a discussion of the proposal.

6.  Ken Mayers presented highlights of the Campaign Nonviolence National Convention that will take place in Santa Fe and Los Alamos in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Veterans for Peace Santa Fe will provide most of the funding for buses to take participants from the Santa Fe Hilton to Los Alamos and back on Sunday, August 9.  Ken suggested a fund-raising event specifically to support this commitment: a showing of Dr. Strangelove at CCA.

7.  The chapter once again voted to purchase a half-page ad in this year’s National Dance Institute Program Book.

8.  Bob Josephs asked if the VFP National Office is doing anything about the climate change issue.  Ken pointed to the VFP Participation in the Great Climate March in NYC and the 30 foot model blimp advertising the Pentagon’s role as the world’s biggest polluter as well as the chapter’s beautiful banner “Stop the War on Mother Earth” that Ken is now displaying on the corner of Cerrillos and St Frances from noon to one every Friday that he is in town.  He urges other VFP members to join him there.

Respectfully submitted,

Kenneth Mayers - Secretary

VFPSF Chapter Potluck Minutes
November 15, 2014 

Chapter potluck meeting was located at Bob Josephs'/Donna Peth's Home. Attendees included Ken, Pam, Daniel,Gina, Eduardo,Sharon,Barbara, Marjory, Lynn, Dia, Donna and Bob.

Discussion primarily involved Chapter sponsorship of film Joyeau Noel which will screen on Sun.,Dec 7 at CCA.

Daniel will coordinate with Jason at CCA to establish a time. We discussed having a reading of about 10-15 minutes in length before the film. Craig Barnes was suggested as a candidate for the reading and Ken will contact. Barbara also suggested Sherry king . Ken Stewart is also a possibility. We plan to serve dessert refreshments post film as well. Pam, Elaine Coleman and Dia have volunteered to provide desserts. Bob will investigate appropriate material for the reading.

Suggested promotion for event included New Mexican, Reporter, Journal and NOW, which Barbara will check out. We also discussed a VFP Facebook page which Daniel and Gina will investigate. Ken is looking to use a YouTube clip of John McCutcheon’s song “Christmas in the Trenches” for promotion of the event as well.

Veterans for Peace Santa Fe Chapter
Minutes October 15, 2014

Attending: Bob Josephs, Daniel Craig, Marjorie Young, Barbara Conroy


People’s Climate March: Barbara reported on the September 20th Santa Fe march. It drew 700 people who walked to 6 sites in sequence from the Plaza to the Railyard Park. All ages were represented. Daniel coordinated the VFP banner and gave VFP visibility. The planning committee developed a coalition of local groups that may take other actions either collectively or in smaller groups.

“Last Days of Vietnam” film at the CCA on October 11 was well attended. Ken Stewart and Bob Josephs gave remarks before the film and there was a book signing and sale of Reluctant Sorority by Dana Chwan. It was a high quality film. Discussion reviewing the event suggested that we might have had a table and donation jar upon exiting the film.

“Breaking the Silence” a spoken word presentation at Teatro Paraguas featured narrative and poetry from Israeli soldiers serving in Gaza. It presented local actors giving the readings. Judith Toler moderated it.

Public Banking Symposium on September 27th brought many local and some national public figures to share information and consider a public bank for Santa Fe. It was an all day event at the Convention Center and was well attended.


“The Invisible War” will be shown November 8th or 9th at CCA. It will involve Diane Rejman, a vet with “military sexual trauma,” to open discussion with the audience. Daniel will secure date/time this  week and find out if we have a Skype interview with the editor or director before the show. Our discussion centered around how we might make a significant promotion of this event especially with youth that might be considering the military, with colleges and with women.  Bob will ask Ken Mayers for a flyer so we could distribute it. Bob will ask the Reporter for mention. Barbara will contact New Mexican for ad possibilities and email Mary Charlotte to interest her in the film. Marjorie will also seek contact with Mary Charlotte. Other KSFR possibilities may exist.  Zellie Pollen is our KSFR contact.  Daniel will contact Mary Charlotte for an interview.                                                                    

Veterans Day Parade was discussed. Bob will ask Ken for the dimensions and wording for a new banner. Barbara will explore pricing from a contact she has.

A quarterly Chapter potluck will be on November 15th at 5:30 at 2303 Calle Halcon, Bob Josephs home.

We can do some planning there for the December 7th film “Joyeux Noel”and maybe other events for the coming months.  For the film we might include readings from WWI period and perhaps have a dessert table post film to encourage discussion.

MINUTES, VFP Chapter Meeting – 5/21/14

Present: Ken, Barbara, Marjorie, Bob J, Bob S

Meeting opened at 7:10 pm. Ken said the chapter bank balance is $1,247 – he thinks that is a bit more than at this time last year. St. Bede’s charge to meet here still is $25.

Ken will send members an e-mail with full info on our Mon May 26th Memorial Day flower-laying ceremony at National Cemetery. We’ll meet at 2 pm at Cemetery HQ for this annual chapter event.

Members approved chapter endorsement of the New Profile-Amnesty International petition calling for immediate release of Omar Sa’ad and all others held by the Israeli government solely for their conscientious objection to military service. Barbara will go to the AI meeting on the issue.

Plans continue for a December 6, 7, 13 or 14 commemoration of  the Christmas Truce on the French-German front lines at the outset of  WW I. Marjorie agreed to contact local movie theaters for staging the event. Bob J urged including poetry reading.

A status report was given concerning a theater showing of the new film The Kill Team probably sometime in July. It concerns a US soldier in Afghanistan. Daniel has been in communication with Jason Silverman at CCA about the event. The chapter will also seek a speaker  or a panel for the event.

Members approved Ken’s proposal to hold a public forum in September on the VFP delegation’s recent mission to Palestine.  

It was decided that the chapter potluck will be held June 14 or 21 in lieu of a June chapter meeting. Ken will contact Jasmine and Ken Stewart to see if they would like host the get-together since the last one at their house was so successful.  If not, Ken will host it unless some other chapter member comes forward with an offer to do it.

Discussion focused on the VFP’s annual convention in Asheville NC July 23-27 and its increased effort to get the younger vets to join. Ken will seek to get from IVAW its latest roster of New Mexico vets. Members voted to send $100 to VFP to further its campaign. He and possibly Daniel will be attending.

Members endorsed Bob J’s proposal to co-sponsor an event featuring a reading by Elaine Coleman of excerpts from her father’s WW II letters entitled From Calcutta With Love. It will be held sometime around either July 4 or preferably  August 6 at OpCit Books in Sanbusco. Bob Josephs will contact Mary Charlotte for a radio interview at Santa Fe Baking Company.

Finally, members approved Ken’s proposal that VFP co-sponsor the Public Banking Forum set for September by We Are People Here.

Meeting ended at 8:10.                                         Notes by Bob Stearns

MINUTES, VFP Chapter Meeting – 2/19/14

Present: Ken,Daniel, Jasmine, Nona, Barbara, Marjorie, Bob J, Bob S, Kent

Guest: Alan Smith, formerly US Air Force 

Discussion began concerning the Feb 7 The Soldier and The Refusenik event, which drew some 55 people, despite opening night ceremony at the Sochi Olympics. VFP members present said the Israeli speakers were provocative and moving. Ken said they were impressed with the size of the monetary collection from the audience. He will provide internet links for broadcasts of their earlier programs. [  1 hr 33 minutes;  1hr 7 minutes 32 minutes.]  The next day he took them to the United World College where they made a presentation to community and met informally with Israeli and Palestinian students.

Ken proposed that a VFP delegation meet with the new editor of the SF New Mexican to see if our events can get better reporter coverage both in advance of the event and for the morning edition next day.

Advance planning ensued for our TUE April 22 event featuring Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative Non-Violence, sponsored by VFP and Pax Cristi. Kathy was in Baghdad when the US invaded Iraq and she also joined Ken and others on the ship Audacity of Hope when it was blocked from sailing to Gaza from Athens by the Greek government. Daniel will check for radio coverage by former SF Reporter editor Julia Goldberg and Ken will seek support from the Interfaith Justice Network for postering in churches.

Next considered were plans for the December event commemorating the 100th anniversary of the World War I Christmas truce for one night at the battlefront when the soldiers refused to fight. Daniel said he’ll again confer with Jason Silverman of the CCA to see if the film can be shown there, preferably on December 6, with food in the cafe beforehand and a discussion period after.  Kent suggested that we ask local musicians and poets to provide entertainment.

Daniel has already talked with John Bowman of the Jean Cocteau about the use of their venue for some occasions and will talk with operators at The Screen at the screen as well. It was decided to aim for Memorial Day weekend for a film event — actual film to be determined.  Under consideration is the Iran film for which the VFP National Office has prepared an event package.  Other possibilities include “The Invisible War” and “Where Soldiers Come From."

Ken proposed that we check with the Interfaith Justice Network for help in convincing churches to ring their bells at 11 a.m. onTUE November 11 Veterans Day.

The Local Public Access Channel should also be contacted for additional coverage of VFP sponsored events.

Jasmine offered to host our quarterly potluck in March and will examine her schedule to choose the exact date.

Bob J noted that the book entitled The Embers of War was worth VFP attention. Barbara offered League of Women Voters non-partisan informational materials on the upcoming city election on TUE March 4

Ken announced that he will appear on March 10 in NYC for his trial along with fellow VFP veterans and supporters arrested in October at the New York City Vietnam Memorial for continuing after closing time to read names of soldiers who died in that war.

The meeting ended at 8:15 p.m.                               Notes by Bob Stearns  

MINUTES, VFP Chapter Meeting –1/15/14
Present: Ken, Daniel, Nona, Marjorie, Barbara, Dean, Jasmine, Bob
New Member: Kent Crider, Vietnam veteran

 Meeting began at 7 pm. Copies of the VFP Newsletter and the War Crimes Times were distributed.

Discussion opened concerning the FRI Feb 7 event at the UU, entitled The Soldier And The Refusenik and featuring two Israelis who seek an end to the occupation. Ken distributed flyers and info. Donations at the event will go to the speakers. VFPSF and UU will split the $150 church rental cost. Ken will check for possible synagogue participation. Another Jewish Voice will be invited. Ken may need to be in NYC that day for his trial with others for refusing police orders to leave the Vietnam Memorial last July. Dean, Kent and Bob will help out on Feb 7. There will be a VFPSF table to distribute VFP literature and sell copies of the Vietnam memoir by her husband Ken Stewart with proceeds to go to the chapter.

Kent Crider agreed to serve as chapter VP for the coming year and received a round of applause. Ken reported that Bob Gaines will continue as chapter Treasurer. Bob Stearns continues as Secretary.  Ken Mayers consented to remain President. 

The chapter has received one of the new "movie kits" from the national office, featuring a new DVD entitled Targeting Iran. It was decided to seek a movie theater showing as VFP fundraiser in early March. Daniel will call CCA for possible venue there, Marjorie will check Jean Cocteau and Nona will confer  with Pax Cristi. Daniel will also check with CCA on a possible showing of The Invisible War concerning rape of female soldiers in the armed forces. Ken said there has been consideration of a shorter version to work within the limits of high school class hours.

Our chapter also expects to co-sponsor with Pax Cristi presentations by former Jesuit John Dear and by Kathy Kelly in April.   

It was noted that an event was held the day before this chapter meeting at the SF Community College encouraging young veterans to join the traditional veterans organizations such as  the American Legion and Veterans for Foreign Wars. Our chapter was not invited.  We will try to get advance notice of the next such event and participate whether welcomed or not.

There was some discussion of the strange New Mexico phenomenon that anyone can carry a loaded weapon into the state capitol building, but protest signs are prohibited.  There is a stunning contrast between the absurdity of the maximum latitude given to the second amendment and the sometimes ridiculous constraints put on the first.  The situation begs for non-violent direct action.  But before proceeding, it would be advisable to identify the statutory authority which permits loaded weapons to be carried into the round house as well as the statutory authority that prevents protest signs from being carried in.  Once the documentation is in hand, several members have indicated a willingness to court arrest by taking signs into the capitol.  Ken says his sign would say, "This is not a protest sign; it is a loaded weapon."  Kent Crider's would say, "I promise not to hurt you with my sign if you promise not to hurt me with your loaded gun."

The meeting ended at 8:15 pm.                                Notes by Bob Stearns

MINUTES, VFP Chapter Meeting – 6/19/13

Present: Ken, Nona, Barbara, Ruth, Daniel, Bob J, Bob S.
Guests: Joy Kincaid and Arnold Herrera

 Meeting began at 7:00 pm.

 Ken introduced our guests, who came to learn about VFP and see what they might be able to do to help its members. Joy is a Master Herbalist who used to come to VFP and has worked with veterans on ways to use plant medicine for reducing stress and improving energy. Arnold, from Cochiti Pueblo, is a US Army veteran and Native American Craftsman in drum and basket making and silver-smithing. He also assists veterans and young people, including inmates at the city Detention Center on Airport Rd. Both explained what they do and received a warm welcome. Barbara suggested that they may wish to meet with the NM Counselors Association. Arnold said that John McFee of the NM Health Dept has expressed interest in promoting their helping endeavors. Joy presented an essay she has written entitled Healing The Heart With The Beat Of The Drum, which Ken said would be posted on the chapter website. Chapter members will be informed of what Joy and Arnold can offer in helping others.

In other business, chapter attendees voted approval of placement of a VFPSF advertisement in the booklet for the national VFP Convention in Madison WI in August.

Members are urged to join our VFP chapter in marching with the Gay Pride parade on SAT June 22. Please be there at 10:30 am in the PERA parking lot next to the Roundhouse.  Look for the VFP flags and the chapter banner.

It was voted to skip meeting in July and convene next on SUN August 18 in the late afternoon for a picnic potluck at a locale to be announced. There’ll be a brief chapter meeting and members are urged to bring musical instruments.

Discussion ensued on possible film showings at the CCA. Films cited as worth presenting include: The Invisible War (rape in the military); Where Soldiers Come From; In My Lifetime (nuclear weapon control); The Ghosts of Jeju, (about Korean islanders’ resistance to the construction of a giant US Naval Base) and the just-out Dirty Wars.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.                                        Notes by Bob Stearns

Minutes of VFP Santa Fe Chapter Meeting
15 May 2013

Present: Ken, Nona, Marjorie, Bob S


Meeting began at 7:10 pm.

Plans are underway for VFPers to meet on Memorial Day, Monday May 27 at 1:30 pm at National Cemetery HQ to place flowers for Joan Duffy, Kip Corneli, Anna Mae Daily, Jim McCabe and Norm Budow. Notice will be sent around.

Also members will be reminded to join the March Against Monsanto set for Saturday, May 25 at noon starting at the Railyard and ending at the Roundhouse. A vote passed to expend $75 for a new VFP banner at the event, reading Stop The War On Mother Earth, if it can be obtained in time.

Attendees expressed renewed interest in presenting the film The Invisible War concerning the widespread occurrence of sexual assault against military women. The issue is receiving major coverage in the media. Ken said he will check with Daniel on lining up a showing. A future VFP event might feature the new film and book by Jeremy Scahill, entitled Dirty Wars.

Ken said the free public forum featuring Code Pink activist Medea Benjamin was a success, drawing some 80 people. Title of her talk was Drone Attacks: Killing by Remote Control, based on her book of the same name. Benjamin drew similar audiences in Albuquerque, Taos and Las Vegas. Bob said petitions with 80 names signed at the Benjamin event and at the Unitarian Congregation were sent to our two Senators and to Representatives Ben Ray Lujan and  Michelle Lujan Grisham. If a VFP member or two would like to further the campaign against drones, the signatures and contact info are available on the petitions. 

Discussion ensued on getting a City Council resolution passed in opposition to drone attacks overseas. Nona said Pax Cristi would back it. Ken said he will provide a copy of a similar resolution passed by another   

Ken reported that the April 19-21 Democracy School at Quaker House drew a waiting list, went well, and stayed within budget, Thomas Linzey of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund was well received as featured speaker. Sponsor was the Alliance For Real Democracy coalition, of which VFP and We Are People Here are members.    

Ken reported that he attended The People’s Response demonstration in Dallas against the newly opened George W. Bush Presidential Library. VFP and other organizations took part.  

Meeting ended at 8:00 pm                                                  Notes by Bob Stearns

Minutes of VFP Santa Fe Chapter Meeting
20 February 2013

Meeting opened at 7:10 pm.


All VFPSF members are urged to meet at the Roundhouse this coming SAT Feb 23 for our local commemoration of International Free Bradley Manning Day, marking 1000 days of his imprisonment. Roberto and Ken will go to the PERA parking lot and will bring the chapter banner, signs and whistles for the noon to 1 pm demonstration. Other signs made by members are more than welcome.


Ken said plans are going forward for the presentation by Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin at the Unitarian Congregation on SAT Apr 27 at 7 pm, and also in Taos the next day. She will speak on Drone Warfare: Killing By Remote Control. Attention should also be paid to protesting  active drone centers in New Mexico at NMSU and NM Tech. Such an event was recently held at Hancock AFB in Syracuse NY.

Plans too are underway for the April 19-21 CELDF Democracy School ( at the Quaker House in Santa Fe.  The Democracy School is an intensive seminar on activism supporting local control of community resources, such as protection of water in San Miguel and Mora Counties. Attendance necessarily is limited to 20. VFPSF is donating $200 for the seminar.

Ken passed around a copy of the National Dance Institute publication featuring our Veterans for Peace advertisement on the full disclosure activities of our chapter and the Albuquerque chapter.

Daniel Craig will check with CCA on presenting a VFP film every quarter, including one on the epidemic of sexual assault against women in the armed forces. It was suggested to involve Solace, our local rape crisis center, in the CCA showing.

Roberto said he has been working on passage of a state legislative bill mandating background checks of gun buyers (HB77) and will consider testifying for HB402 to ban assault weapons in NM. Ken hopes also to speak in favor of HB402.

Meeting ended at 8:05 pm.                                               Notes by Bob Stearns

MINUTES, VFP Chapter Meeting – 9/19/12
Present: Ken, Jasmine, Nona, Marjorie, Bob S
Meeting opened at 7:15 pm.
Ken reported that Palestinian American peace activist Lena Hakim of Albuquerque is in Residence Inn Santa Fe recuperating from a bad auto accident and that interested chapter members are invited to provide her and her attendant mother with meals, particularly Middle East type.  Jasmine and Ken volunteered to pitch in and other members are invited to take part as well. Lena runs a blog entitled Today's Jewish Heroes, which promotes Jewish people who speak out for Palestinian rights -- at
To commemorate Veterans Day, chapter plans are going forward to show The Invisible War, a documentary on the all too common problem of sexual assault in the US military -- at either CCA or The Screen. Also, to invite local churches to ring their bells on November 11. Bob S said he would check with the new SF Interfaith Social Justice Consortium to see if it will also promote the bell ringing for that holiday.
Ken reported that the Del Norte Credit Union has apologized for causing the bouncing of 8 to 10 VFP/NukeFreeNow check payments for the event’s expenses. DNCU will reimburse VFP in full.
During the weekend before Thanksgiving at Fort Benning in Columbus Georgia, there will be another protest against the School of the Americas -- now renamed Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation sin an effort to sidestep adverse media coverage. Ken is going again and urges other VFP members to consider participating.
Ken said he will not be here for the October 17 chapter meeting and he’ll check with other chapter officers for someone to officiate.
Meeting ended at 8:15 pm.                                 

Notes by Bob Stearns

MINUTES of VFP Santa Fe Chapter Meeting

MINUTES of  VFP Santa Fe Chapter Meeting – 8/15/12
Present: Ken, Barbara, Ron, Bob J, Bob S, Marjorie –  Nancy Fischer, Guest
Meeting began at 7:05 pm. Ken introduced Nancy Fischer, meditation trainer, who offered to provide services to veterans, including those with PTSD. She outlined and led a brief demonstration period of meditation and said she plans to start classes on Sept 3 in her home. Members thanked her for her invitation. Barbara said that the NM Counseling Association also urges member volunteers to help veterans.
Ken noted there had been a possible opportunity for VFP to table at the Sep 27 Bonnie Rait concert at the Opera but we were too late to be included.
Discussion ensued on VFP-ers across the nation to hold Bake Sales in front of offices of Members of Congress, to urge them to visit the West Bank and Gaza rather than just Israel. Bob J said best to try this after the Nov elections. Bob S. suggested inviting co-sponsors, such as Another Jewish Voice. Ken said Jeff Haas is interested. Idea will be pursued for a future date with expected good weather.     
Discussed was the Nuke Free Now weekend, which drew some 300 attendees at the Santa Fe events, featuring excellent speakers panels.  On Sunday, about 150 convened at Los Alamos where a phone connection with Hiroshima broadcast the bells rung there at the time of the bombing. Afterwards, Pax Christi led the traditional sack cloth and ashes event which was followed by the evening launch of 3,000 lanterns on Ashley Pond. At Monday’s non-violent direct action, six people were arrested. For the 2013 commemoration, Father John Dear will contact Martin Sheen and Alice Walker has accepted the invitation from Ken Mayers.
Our chapter is tentatively planning to show the film, The Invisible War, during the Veterans Day weekend. It is a documentary on the serious problem of rape of women serving in the military. The Rape Crisis Center and other interested organizations will be invited as co-sponsors.
Ken told of his trip to the West Bank with 36 other internationalists to join both Palestinians and Israelis in rebuilding a house in the occupied Palestinian territories. He and Jeff Haas, who also recently returned from the west bank, will be guests on Craig Barnes’s radio program on September 15 and will also be featured in a public event at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation that evening, sponsored by VFP and Another Jewish Voice.
Ken said the 2012 VFP Convention approved a bylaw change requiring that resolutions and  bylaw changes must now be voted on by mail at the same time as board members are elected. Another proposed bylaw change allowing associate members to vote on resolutions (but not on bylaws or election of directors) will be voted on at that time.
VFP national is seeking member input on the Strategic Plan currently under development.
The annual SOA Watch event calling for the close of the School of the Americas will again be held the weekend before Thanksgiving. Ken plans to go again and urges others to join him.
Meeting ended at 8:40 pm.                            
Notes by Bob Stearns

MINUTES of VFP Santa Fe Chapter Meeting

Present: Ken, Jasmine, Ron and Judie, Eduardo, Bob J, Bob S.
Meeting opened at 7:16 pm. Ken urged all VFPers to consider going on the SF Interfaith Prayer Peacewalk on SUN May 6 1-4 pm, starting at the Unitarian Church and going by Temple Beth Shalom, St John’s Methodist, and the Cathedral. Ron and Judie volunteered to handle the VFP banner. Ken will be away.

Considered was an offer by Col. Ann Wright to speak in SF during FRI May 25 to SAT May 27, right after the anti-war Truth Dig meeting May 20-25 at Hotel Santa Fe, featuring Ann, Chris Hedges and Robert Shearer. Event is a fundraiser and registrant charge is about $2,000. Ken will check with Ann as to: a possible public event with her and Truth Dig speakers, either before or after. Ann has suggested an anti-drone demonstration to be held at Holloman Air Base or at NMSU, which runs the only civilian test area for drones. Ken will check with VFPer Regan Sullivan in Las Cruces on this.

Interested chapter members might consider attending the Memorial Day observance in Santa Fe. The VFP banner cannot be displayed but VFP shirts and caps may be worn.

Ken said a straightforward Resolution against war on Iran will be considered by the City Council on Wednesday May 9.  Mayor Coss and two Council members are supporting and chapter members are urged to attend and also to contact their own Councilors soonest to secure further backing. Jeff Haas led in writing the Resolution.

Ken said the chapter has set up a VFP bank account at the Del Norte Credit Union to gather funding and finance the August 3-6 Nuke Free Now project in SF and Los Alamos, Project is seeking ideas for speakers and events. Contact  Pax Cristi is again deeply involved.

Ken again urged all chapter members to consider volunteering for the Veteran Peace Team being mobilized by VFP nationally to serve as buffers between demonstrators and law enforcement. Teams have to be 80% veterans. Bob J, and Ron volunteered, and Judy did as a VFP Associate. Judy said she will write a My View piece for the newspapers to promote Team recruitment. Jasmine suggested circulating a flyer and poster on the effort and Ken said he would check into getting that done. Team volunteers take a 2-day training. About 60 have signed up nationwide.  A team will be deployed for the May NATO meeting in Chicago and we hope to deploy one also for Nuke Free Now.  

Meeting ended at 8:16 pm                                              Notes by Bob Stearns

March 21, 2012

Present: Ken, Daniel, Jasmine, Barbara, Anna May, Marjorie, Norm, Bob G, Bob S.
Guest: Luke Montavan, student at SF University of Art & Design
Meeting opened at 7:07 pm.

Luke told of his longterm still-photo project to document family life in the military. Having grown up as an “army brat,” he is interested in exploring the effect on family members when an infantry parent is gone on multiple tours of duty overseas. He is working with authorities at Fort Carson CO, and has unsuccessfully sought contacts with the NM National Guard. Ken suggested seeking out reporter Zelie Pollan in SF who reported on US troops in Iraq, and Dan suggested Terry Riley of Military Families Speak Out. Chapter members wished him well on his documentary.

Ken reported that the Smith-Ferri program on Voices for Creative Non-Violence in Afghanistan went well. The audience numbered 40 and the speaker was delighted with its engagement. He sold 15 books. Collection totaled $380.

Discussion ensued on the proposed City Council resolution opposing war in Iran. Consensus was to give chapter support. Copy will be provided to members along with these minutes. Coalition is seeking a Councilor to introduce it. SF Friends Meeting has endorsed and the Unitarian Social Justice Team is polling its members for possible support.

Discussion went forward on whether chapter should agree to accept Fiscal Sponsorship of the 8/3-8/6 Hiroshima commemoration in Los Alamos-SF by the Nuke Free Now group led by Bud Ryan. NFN does not have 501-c-3 status to receive tax-free donations. Chapter as Grantor will receive donations and NFN as Grantee will provide chapter with full info on its expenses. Chapter consensus was to go ahead and also open bank account with Del Norte Credit Union to handle NFN finances.

Bob G noted that VFP chapters nationally are being polled on whether each endorses a resolution to impeach President Obama, similar to a 2005 resolution concerning President G. W. Bush. Ken said the Obama resolution was rejected at the last VFP national convention. Consensus of chapter members was to reject the resolution.

Ken reviewed the national VFP initiative to provide Peace Teams acting as buffers between demonstrators and law enforcement authorities. Twelve trained PT volunteers will be at the New York City event coming up soon. But he said his appeal to chapter membership for PT volunteers has so far received zero response.

Dan said the chapter’s joint advertisement for VFP with the Albuquerque chapter has appeared in the National Dance Institute publication. We contributed $250 but Albuquerque’s chapter protagonist had to contribute some of his own money to make its $250. The chapter consensus was to reimburse him for half his personal contribution.

Bob G said the chapter may wish to consider participation in the June Peace Walk to be sponsored by the Unitarian congregation.

Meeting ended at 8:15 pm.                                                      

Notes by Bob Stearns

February 15, 2012

Present: Ken, Jasmine, Bob G, Bob J, Bob S, Nona, Norm,Marjorie, Barbara, Daniel. Guest: Raphael Benjamin, NM Veterans Helping Homeless Veterans
Meeting opened at 7:10 pm. Raphael said NMVHHV has raised $15,000 under auspices of NM Coalition to End Homelessness, and is seeking commitments from SF organizations for projects solely to help vets. Deadline is 3/15. He cited a Bernalillo group that helps vets get therapy, apartments, and jobs. The chapter invited him to come again.

Bob G’s report cited bank balance of  $3,369 less $1,044 earmarked for the Full Disclosure project (from Pond Fdn grant), leaving $2,325 available. Our fund for Native American scholarships cost $2,200 more than raised. By vote it was agreed to terminate this project.

Ken said the King/Brandow concert drew some 40 attendees and generally broke even for the chapter, with no gain.

Bob S said that the Unitarian Social Justice Team agreed to co-sponsor the VFP SF presentation of Smith-Ferri on the Creative Nonviolence effort in Afghanistan, on condition that it include a Q&A with the audience. Date is SUN 3/4, time to be announced. For additional sponsors, chapter members agreed to contact People For Peace, Peace Action, Occupy SF, We Are People Here, Pax Cristi, and others.  
Ken urged members to consider taking part in the Feb 12-19 action in El Paso/Juarez, sponsored by School of Americas Watch and Border Conference for Human Rights. Aim is to highlight border realities on both sides.

Discussion ensued on promoting approval by the City Council of another resolution on redirecting military spending to domestic priorities. Following comments on phraseology by attendees, he said he will circulate a new draft.  Bob G suggested getting copy of the national Mayors Conference resolution.

Barbara reported on activities by the SF Veterans Center, the Veterans Resource Center at UNM (its director has volunteered to speak in SF), and the PMS support services for veterans.   

Considered was chapter placement of another paid ad in the NM Dance Institute publication. Dan and Ken will see if other VFP groups in NM will join in.

Ken said that VFP training is ongoing for veterans to act as buffers between police and demonstration participants. Plan is to be involved with such events as Occupy Washington in Mar/Apr at DC, NATO/G8 in Chicago in May, and possibly Hiroshima Day in Los Alamos/SF.

Ken also announced that the Howard Zinn Endowment for VFP has raised $13,000, is offering $1,000 grants for chapter undertakings, and that we should consider applying .  Meeting adjourned at 8:30.   

Notes by Bob Stearns

January 18, 2012

Present: Ken, Jasmine, Bob J, Bob S, Eduardo, Joan, Fred, Lynne, Nona, Norm
Meeting opened at 7:08 PM. Planning and publicity assignments were made for the SAT Feb11 King-Brandow concert, Songs of Peace and Justice, at UUCSF. Suggested donation $10, with a possibility of chapter monetary return. VFP to have table. Ken will publicize at meetings of the extended Occupy coalition on Monday, Jan 23 and at the We Are People Here conclave on TUE Jan 24.

Ken said he plans to attend the national Occupy Movement’s major demonstration in Washington DC that start on FRI Mar 30. He said that VFP is organizing Veteran Peace Teams (open to all vets, not just VFP members) to go to civil resistance events and act as buffers between demonstrators and police. Team Members will receive several days of intensive non-violence training. One such event may be the Chicago conferences of NATO and the G-8 Nations in May.

Discussion ensued re proposed SUN Mar 4 presentation of the David Smith-Ferri program on the work in Afghanistan of Voices for Creative Non-Violence. Ken will seek info on whether VFP expected to provide dollar support and if audience Q&A included. Nona is checking with Pax Cristi and Bob S will confer with the UUCSF Social Justice Team. 

SOAW expects to send information next week on opportunities for chapter participation in the Feb 12-19 activities in El Paso/Juarez, sponsored by School of Americas Watch and  Border Conference for Human Rights. Aim is to experience realities on both sides of the border.

Ken urged chapter members to contact their city councilors for their agreement to introduce or support the chapter-backed city resolution calling for bringing our war dollars home. (For the text of the resolution, go to  Jasmine said she talked with Chris Calvert and will see Patti Bushee. Bob S will contact Erik Mason about meeting with Rosemary Romero.  Each councillor should be asked about willingness to introduce the resolution.

Mention was made of  upcoming Friends exhibit, Reflections on the War in Afghanistan, scheduled for April in SF in collaboration with the ABQ Peace and Justice Center. Bob G is the VFP point person for this event. Also mentioned was the national conference in ABQ of Friends of Sabeel, set for Sept and co-sponsored by VFPSF.  We have sent a check for $100 and will inquire as to any other co-sponsorship responsibilities.

Rafael Benjamin, one of the organizers of SF’s Veterans Helping Homeless Veterans will be invited to attend the next chapter meeting to describe the project processes.

Ken requested chapter approval for buying a new VFP banner at an estimated $150-200. The consensus of the meeting was to go ahead.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:07 pm.                                 
Notes by Bob Stearns

DECEMBER 21, 2011

1.  Barbara Conroy initiated a discussion of several programs for helping veterans and surviving spouses, including
The October "Stand Down for Homeless Veterans fair athe the Santa Fe University of Art and Design" (The New Mexican - October 30, 2011)
VA Study of link between genes and health  (Albuquerque Journal - November 7, 2011
VA Aid and Attendance: A Benefit for Wartime Veterans or Their Surviving Spouse --information provided by Edward Massey - 505-946-8468
New Mexico Veterans Helping Homeless Veterans
     Most of the discussion focused on New Mexico Veterans Helping Homeless Veterans.  The brochure for the program features a picture of Ray Masterson and his dog Yukon, but Ray himself believes that the program is not structured and administered in a way that ensures all funds collected for the program will actually be used to benefit veterans.  One of the founding committee members is Raphiel Benjamin, a good friend of Joan Duffy's.  The chapter agreed that it would be a good idea to invite Raph to a future chapter meeting to inform us on the subject.

2.  The meeting voted unanimously to buy an advertisement in this year's National Dance Institute program book as has been done for the last several years.

3.  A contract has been signed and sent to Charlie King for the February 11, 2012 event co-sponsored by the Social Justice committee of the UU congregation.  The event will be at 8pm with a suggested donation of $10.  It will be followed by a reception for the performers with an additional donation suggested of $5.  The Central Labor Council is expected to support the event with publicity to their membership.

4.  There was discussion of possible participation in a School of Americas Watch delegation to the US/Mexico border  in El Paso/Ciudad Juarez from February 12-19, 2012 to experience the realities of both sides of the border , and to understand the border itself.  Ken was charged with contacting Lisa Sullivan at SOAW for more details.

5.  There was discussion of a proposal from David Smith-Ferri for a presentation on Voices for Creative Nonviolence' work in Afghanistan to be given in early March.  It was agreed that the details of the proposal sound quite promising and we would like to proceed if we can gather support from the rest of the local peace and justice community.  The detailed proposal will be sent to these lists in a separate e-mail and "the usual suspects" will be contacted to see if there is broad support.  The Forum at  the Santa Fe University of Art and Design was discussed as a possible appropriate venue.

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Mayers, Acting Recording Secretary

OCTOBER 19, 2011

Present: Bob J, Nona, Barbara, Marjorie, Joan, Fred, Ron, Bob S, Norm,
Guests: Frances Salles and Frank Manning
   Bob J opened meeting at 7:05 pm, with introduction of Ms. Salles, resource development director of the nonprofit Creativity For Peace. She said CFP recruits and develops young women leaders, both Muslim and Israeli, to help bring an end to ethnic violence in the Middle East. CFP holds a summer encampment near Santa Fe (from 7/19 to 8/10 next year) at which girls from both groups live together and get to know one another’s backgrounds. Since 2003, 178 girls have participated. CFP supports the peacemaking activities of the graduates when they return home.
   Bob J asked if any participants came from Gaza, and Frances said “No.” Nona said that Pax Cristi has provided food and volunteers for the encampment.
   Frank said the Albuquerque VFP has voted its support to CFP and that he plans to ask VFP national to do so also. Bob S moved that our chapter vote its support as well, Joan seconded, and the motion passed.
   Bob J said he was the sole veteran to attend the city planning meeting for the 11/11 Armistice Day parade. He urged chapter members to take part, and also in a memorial service afterward at Joan Duffy’s grave (more info on this will be provided). Further info is also needed about possible other Armistice Day events at the Railyard.
   Barbara reported on a Santa Fe first, the Veterans Stand-Down on Sat 10/29 at the SF University of Art and Design (formerly College of SF), 8-3 pm, sponsored by the state Workforce Solutions Department and area churches. The estimated 700 homeless vets in northern NM will be offered hot meal, clothing, and introductory health screening and behavior counseling. Officials from state government and VA will assist with filing for vet benefits. Potential sponsors and donors should contact Phillip Chavez at 827-7412.
   Barbara proposed and members agreed to staff a VFP table at the Stand-Down: Ron 8-3; Bob J 9-11; Nona, 11-12; Joan 12 to 3; Bob S 1-3. Other VFP members are also urged to take part.
   Barbara said that the 2011 VA-HIS Veterans Symposium is set for Fri 11/4 at the Hard Rock hotel Casino, Albuquerque. Theme is “Veteran toVeteran, Honoring Their Service; Providing Them Services.” {Note: Omitted from 9/21 minutes was her mention of the conference next March of the NM Counseling Association on “Power Dynamics In Relationships.” She asked for ideas for vet issues and suggested a possible chapter honorarium for qualified presenters. Topics mentioned by members were PTSD, violence against servicewomen, equity in counseling services. She will be soliciting proposals over the next 3 weeks.]  
   Ron reported on the ongoing plans by the Occupy Santa Fe committee for a rally, march and actions on Sat 10/22, beginning 9 am at the Railyard. He said leadership is diverse, well-versed from participation in similar events elsewhere, and alert to avoidance of violence and challenge to authority. Norm moved that our chapter support Occupy Santa Fe, Nona seconded, and the motion passed.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm                     Notes by Bob Stearns
VFP Chapter Minutes
September 21, 2011

Present: Ken Mayers, Daniel Craig, Anna May Daly, Nona Lee Gregg, Barbara Conway, Erica Kay, Jasmine Stewart, Bob Stearns, Norm Budow, and Eduardo Krasilovsky
   Ken opened meeting at 7:40 pm, with discussion of proposed City Council resolution calling on Congress To Bring Our War Dollars Home. He urged members to seek advance support pledges by personally contacting their City Councilors, face-to-face if possible. Mayor Coss has indicated support but should also be contacted. Barbara suggested reinforcing this general alert to members by including it in the chapter’s dues telethon set for Nov. 16 at Ken’s residence. For supporting info, link to the New Priorities Campaign at
   It was agreed that after the Veterans Day parade, a chapter members will conduct a brief ceremony at Joan Duffy’s grave at the National Cemetery.  All chapter members and the public will be invited.  We will meet it the Cemetery admin building at 2:00pm and walk to the gravesite.  We hope to distribute maps to the gravesite ahead of time for those who may be unable to meet at 2:00pm.
   Ken also alerted members to the Occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington DC that begins on October 6, sponsored bty VFP/USA and other national organizations. At each day’s assembly, action will be planned elsewhere in DC calling for a quick end to our  military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, or for other progressive causes. More than 5,000 have already pledged to be there, including Ken. Erica proposed offering a chapter scholarship to another member who also will go. Info available at
   Bob Stearns noted that The New Mexican continues to run regular detailed reports on US soldier casualties in our two wars. Coverage began after Bob Gaines and Bob Stearns delivered a letter of request to the newspapers, signed by VFP members and others. The Journal has not followed suit.
   Ken said that Bob Gaines is our contact person for the April 2012 exhibit in Albuquerque and SF sponsored by the AFSC and titled Windows and Mirrors; Reflections on the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ken noted that the chapter has committed $100 in co-sponsorship of the September 2012 national conference in Albuquerque of Friends of Sabeel, the church-based Justice-for-Palestine organization. He proposed that the chapter again invite the peace and justice community on December 10 to a holiday event and potluck featuring the film on the Christmas truce held between the front lines early in WW I -- and forbidden from then on.
   Ken noted that the newly formed NM Veterans Helping Homeless Veterans will kick off its fund-raising campaign on Wed October 12 at the Owings Gallery on E. Marcy St. next to the Main Public Library. The group’s brochure was passed around.
Meeting ended at 8:45 pm.                                            Notes by Bob Stearns   

VFP Chapter Minutes
July 20, 2011
Present: Ken Mayers, Dean Williams, Ron Kent, Judy Wright, Nona Lee Gregg, Barbara Conroy, Joan Kennedy, Fred, Bob Stearns
   Meeting opened at 7:10 pm.
   Using laptop video, Ken presented a preview of his coming presentations on the Gaza Flotilla effort in Athens – to be held at JourneySF on Sun 7/24 and at UUCSF on TUE 7/26. Topics included: difficulty at times in getting consensus from what was an international coalition, training in non-violence tactics in case of aggressive interference, the turn back by Greek coast guard of the American ship Audacity of Hope (named after Obama’s memoir), hunger strike at US Embassy supported by turnout of 600 Athenians, simultaneous occupation by Spanish activists of their embassy in Athens. Ken said that meetings with the US consul were fruitless, that the embassy took 4-5 days before interceding for the American ship captain after his arrest by Greek authorities, that US Secy of State Hillary Clinton publicly supported Greece’s refusal to let the flotilla sail. Col. Ann Wright, a leading participant, finally returned home today.
   The Gaza flotilla initiative will also be featured at the VFW national convention in Portland, Oregon next month. Activist Kathy Kelly will speak. Also an action event will be scheduled for Hiroshima Day, and a proposal considered for a VFP protest against Obama’s military action in Libya, undertaken without Congressional approval. Nona said that Pax Christi’s annual Hiroshima Commemoration will be held at El Museo Cultural in SF on July 29 and the annual sack cloth and ashes event at Los Alamos July 30.
   Plans for another dues telethon were discusssed to coincide with the national VFP effort. Our Chapter secured 10-12 renewals in its February push.
   Also mentioned were: collaboration with the Albuquerque Peace Center on presenting in April 2012 the windows-and-mirrors exhibit, Reflections on the War in Afghanistan (Chapter contact is Bob Gaines); and a possible Chapter donation and co-sponsorship of the Friends of Sabeel national conference set for Sept 2012 in Albuquerque by Justice for Palestine groups.
   Suggested for Chapter consideration was possible opposition to the new Bingaman/Udall proposal to establish a new National Park that would include WW II nuclear-bomb making facilities in New Mexico and elsewhere.
  Also discussed were plans for an end-of-summer Chapter picnic, tentatively set for SUN Aug 21 at 5:30 pm, location to be announced.
Meeting ended at 8:20 pm.                                       Notes by Bob Stearns

VFP Chapter Minutes
June 15, 2011

Present: Ken, Daniel, Nona, Norm, Joan, Ron, Lynn, Barbara, Bob G, Bob S
   Meeting opened at 7:13 pm.
   Ken said he leaves Saturday for the Gaza Flotilla trip, setting sail from Athens on June 24, with 11 boats representing 22 nations, including Canada. His 100-foot former ferry, The Audacity of Hope, has 34 passengers, including Linda Durham, Ann Wright, Ray McGovern, and Alice Walker. Expects to reach Gaza in 36-72 hours, if no Israeli obstruction. US Boat to Gaza organizing committee will provide ongoing info at Ken urged chapter members to take action for public protest, media involvement, and pressure on the US and Israel governments. Ken also recommended sending letters to Gaza by contacting Bob S suggested that Gaza sign wavers join the main intersection peace demonstration at noon on sailing day June 24 and on later Fridays. Ken plans return on July 8 if all goes well.
   Chapter action was proposed in support of the People’s Budget, which calls for end to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and deep cutbacks in Pentagon spending, and also chapter action for bringing a peace resolution before the City Council. Info available at
   As to future events, chapter participation was urged for: the June 25 SAT Gay Pride March (volunteers should call Dan); the July 30 Hiroshima Day (with a showing of the Shadyack documentary movie, I Am, as proposed by Lynn and Ron on July 29 (Nona will check on Pax Cristi collaboration); and the Historical-Hysterical Parade (Dan will check with Lisa Law, whose float we used last time, and also with the city).
   Ken reported that a national activist coalition plans a major protest demonstration at the Freedom Plaza near the White House on the anniversary of the US attack on Afghanistan, October 6. He proposed a similar event on the plaza in Santa Fe, where we could again use our sound system.
   Ken proposed that at our July meeting we take steps to resurrect the chapter’s most notable activity, Full Disclosure. Bob G and Lynn said they would cooperate in getting the program mentioned in the SFPS info packet that comes out before school starts, and then seek to line up school venues and chapter speakers for the VFP presentations. Barbara raised the question of a possible roadblock from the new state education secretary.
   Bob G and Bob S presented our VFP letter to The New Mexican and Journal SF, urging publication of US war dead names as released by the Pentagon, and photo gallery coverage of New Mexicans killed. Both papers ran extensive features marking Memorial Day and the New Mexican has since run ongoing reports on US military deaths [the latest being on June 16].
   Ken said he and Holly Beaumont have been considering seeking support by NM progressives for an organizing/collaborating workshop to promote joint action on such wide-ranging issues as the proposed nuclear pit operation at LANL, the move to privatize the water aquifer in Catron County, the fracking controversy about oil drilling, and the seed sovereignty problem with Monsanto.
   At Joan’s behest, the meeting attendees formed a circle of support wishing bon voyage to Ken and the  mission to Gaza.
   Meeting ended at 8:20 pm.                                                               

Notes by Bob Stearns
VFP Chapter Meeting Minutes
May 18, 2011

Present: Daniel, Lin, Joan, Nona, Barbara, Bob S, Norm, Ron, Eduardo
   Daniel opened meeting at 7:08 pm, with discussion of proposed City Council resolution calling on Congress to oppose future funding of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bob said Peace Action is amenable to joining in but wants to see resolution text. Nona will check Pax Christi.
   Lin said that folksinger Jason Moon has cancelled plan for SF Sept performance because of personal problems, but may try again later.
   Re the screening of Bud Ryan's DVD The Forgotten Bomb, Daniel said he will check with CCA for a date. He cited timing it with the Mayers-Beaumont workshop to mobilize a people's movement for liberal goals. Bob suggested aligning it with Hiroshima Day.
   On future events, Daniel proposed  placing Memorial Day flowers on Joan Duffy's grave at the National Cemetery. Barbara will check with the Railyard on a possible July 4 event. Daniel will check with Pat Leahan of Las Vegas on maybe our joining their event, which we overlooked last time. He will also check into the Hysterical-Historical Parade and the Gay Pride march, which we did last year.
  Chapter members are urged to write personal letters to Gaza residents in advance of the flotilla sailing in late June. Address is Letters to Gaza, 119 W. 72nd St. #158, New York NY 10023. More info at
  Bob S displayed SF VFP Chapter letters to publishers of the ABQ Journal and the SF New Mexican, prepared with Bob Gaines's help. The letters urge continual publicizing of names, ages, ranks, home towns of US war dead in Iraq and Afghanistan, as newly released by the Pentagon, and also publishing a photo gallery from time to time of New Mexico soldiers dying there. Veterans present signed the letters after the meeting and VFP associates were asked to write their own letters, all to be timed with a day soon for a VFP delegation to go to the SF newspaper offices for personal presentation of the letter. Chapter members will be alerted in advance to attend if their schedules permit.
   Nona, Joan and Barbara proposed a summer social get-together with other VFP groups from Albuquerque, Taos, Las Vegas and elsewhere. Daniel will e-mail the Albuquerque VFP leader on possible arrangements.
   Barbara noted that the state has opened a Veteran Business Outreach Center in Albuquerque to help vets start or expand businesses. More info at [A free business workshop for veterans is set for 8 am-noon on June 1 at SF Community College.] Lin said Wisconsin has a similar center already flourishing and she will provide info on it to whomever interested.
   Bob told of a letter received from the Helping The Homeless Association, inviting a VFP member to attend a June 2 meeting in Santa Fe on how veterans can assist fellow veterans. Daniel said he will see if he can attend.
   Bob said New Mexicans Rethinking Afghanistan is currently in stasis, seeking younger leadership. Its Google Group set up by Bob G continues in operation.
   Meeting ended at 7:50 pm. 
Notes by Bob Stearns

VFP Chapter Meeting Minutes
April 20, 2011

Present: Ken, Daniel, Bob G, Bob J, Anna May, Joan, Nona, Eduardo, Erica, Marjorie, Bob S, and June and Ron
Meeting opened at 7 pm, with discussion on Proposed City Council Resolution calling on US government and Obama to bring our war dollars home now. Hartford Conn has just approved it. To garner support, Ken will contact Craig Barnes group, Marjorie to People for Peace, Bob S to Peace Action, Nona to Pax Christi. Bob J suggested pushing for Council action in August.

Ken asked chapter officers to stay after meeting to sign a VFP corporate resolution required by our account holder, First National Bank.

Ken updated the situation re US boat to Gaza. He and Linda Durham are the Santa Feans going. Ann Wright will be the other VFP representative. Chosen boat is undergoing sea trials. Expect flotilla of ships with departure date in late May. Chapter has received numerous contributions in support. Ken will be gone 29 April to 13 May.

Bud Ryan and colleague are asking VFP to set up showings of their DVD documentary “The Forgotten Bomb.” Eduardo has copies. June suggested Link TV and Current TV.

Erica said the GI Rights Hotline will hold national convention in Albuquerque May 19-22. For info, contact Maria Santelli,
Ken and Holly Beaumont propose a summer workshop to promote organizing and collaborating by like-minded entities with liberal goals, especially getting money out of politics and curbing corporate power. Aim is to train the trainers for a people’s movement. Tentative date for workshop is late summer or early fall. Bob J volunteered to take the lead for VFP. Erica, Nona and Joan will help.

Bob J and Dan said the Jason Moon performance is set for 10 September.

Discussion ensued on of reviving the chapter’s Full Disclosure program, begun 2003, the most constructive chapter initiative yet. Nona proposed sending VFP letter to schools again. Dan cited its success at the Tutorial School. Erica suggested encouraging members to contact school people they know and urge setting up a VFP program, school by school. June, a former school counselor, suggested bringing the issue to state and national conventions of school counselors and principals.

The chapter has ample Full Disclosure materials.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.                                        

Bob Stearns, Secretary

VFP Chapter Meeting Minutes
March 16, 2011

Present: Ken, Daniel, Bob G, Bob J, Anna May, Nona, Lin, Eduardo, Barbara, Bob S
  Bob S outlined plans for the 3/18 screening of the film “Rethink Afghanistan” with public forum and discussion, for organizing a local coalition to work toward ending US military action there. Posters have been put up, as per Barbara’s tip sheet, and calendar items are appearing in the media.  Barbara will put one up at the Interfaith Shelter.
  Ken reported details of the 3/19 civil disobedience action against the Afghan war to be held at the White House, and another on 3/20 at Quantico Marine base in support of Bradley Manning. He will be there. He also brought the chapter’s new large VFP banner, copies of  which will be displayed at both locations. Bob S suggested asking Ken to speak on his experiences at a Santa Fe event. Bob G will follow through. Barbara proposed that VFP members write letters for better Manning treatment, as was done with Amnesty International in SF. Bob G will forward her instruction sheet to chapter membership.
  Ken proposed that we apply for another RESIST grant, which runs up to $4K, and requested ideas for grant projects. When Ken left, Bob G took over the meeting.
  Discussion ensued on the chapter events calendar:
Memorial Day- Bob J will check into this
Veterans Day, FRI- Dan will get speaker
Hiroshima Day-Nona will check
Historical/Hysterical Parade- Dan will seek VFP invitation
State Fair Pzarade
Barbara suggested using Facebook for publicizing. Bob G urged members to relay further ideas to Ken.
  Lin asked consideration of our sponsoring a fundraiser by Iraq veteran Jason Moon, singer-songwriter. Bob J volunteered to arrange a Santa Fe venue. Barbara and Nona will help. 9/3 SAT is proposed date. Moon gives all ticket sales and half of his CD sales to sponsor org. Raffle of artist donations is also done. Lin also provided pamphlets on the Vets Journey Home project. Bob G will put one up at the All Faiths Homeless Shelter in SF. Barbara said that Jeff George of NM veterans department gives outstanding help to veterans seeking benefits.
Bob Stearns, Secretary

VFP Chapter Meeting Minutes
February 16, 2011

Present: Bob Gaines, Ken Mayers, Barbara Conroy, Anna Daly, Joan , Daniel Craig, Bob Stearns, Bob Josephs, Nona Gregg

1. Election of officers - Ken Mayers, president; Norm Budow, vice-president; Bob Stearns, secretary; Bob Gaines, treasurer. Daniel Craig and Bob Josephs, delegates

2. Corporate resolution - A resolution certifying that these are the new officers was approved (as required by the brokerage account used for accepting donations of stock).

3. Legislation - Maryland has approved an opt-in for allowing recruiters to get contact info on high school students. Nona and Daniel will sound out other groups (ABQ VFP?) about working together to get a sponsor for the 2013 session. Ken had a letter for a city resolution prepared by Jean Athey of Peace Action Montgomery (Maryland) - Barbara will follow up on one for Santa Fe.

4. Peace Walk - April 18 to 25. Nevada Desert Experience Sacred Peace Walk to witness against nuclear weapons (Nevada Test Site) and drones (Creech Air Force base) and to share in multi-faith and desert spirituality.

5. DC action March 19 - Chapter agreed to match a donation for air fare plus $100 bail for up to 3 persons, for a total chapter contribution of $750.

6. Treasurer - Ken (retiring treasurer) reports that we have $4,344.77 in the bank (some dedicated to certain programs, such as $415 for Full Disclosure), plus about $300 in the cash box, and about $3,000 worth of equipment. Ken will turn over files, etc. to Bob G.  (Bob Gaines and Eduardo Krasilovski have the mail box keys)

7. New Mexicans Re-Thinking Afghanistan - March 18 7:30 pm film at Unitarian church: "Rethink Afghanistan". Tabling: Barbara, Joan, Norm, Bob J (if in town). Nona will contact Pax Christi, Daniel will contact Mary Charlotte. Publicize to churches.

8. Renew telethon - A success! About 24 renewals. Chapter has about 90-100 members who are current.

9. Full Disclosure - Still looking for a coordinator.

10. New banner - Chapter agreed to buy it from VFP for $130.

11. Helen Corneli - Joan will organize an appreciation luncheon in April for Helen.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Gaines, retiring secretary

VFP Chapter Meeting Minutes                                            

15 December 2010

Present: Dan Craig, Nona Gregg , Marjorie Young , Bob Stearns , Erica Kay (with Justice and Jayden)
Dan brought up three proposals for chapter action, suggested by Bob G and Bob S in communication with Ken: (1) to launch a systematic campaign by chapter members to place letters and op-ed pieces in the press on issues vital to VFP. Bob volunteered to work with volunteers on this. 2) to persuade the New Mexican and Journal Santa Fe to routinely publish the  names, ranks,ages, home towns of the latest US military killed in the wars. 3) to seek an appropriate time when the wars are prominent in the news for holding a VFP public forum on the issue, with an area Member of Congress among the speakers (Bingaman being a leading possibility since he is talking about perhaps not running again) .The meeting attendees were supportive. Bob suggested we try to get contacted with at least one  anti-war activist at each of the area churches and major union and citizen action groups for broadening the forum sponsorship. Nona said the Pax Christi memorial event in March, involving the reading aloud of the names of the war dead,  military and civilian, may be an appropriate time for the forum. Marjorie said the proposed closing of satellite VA clinics in northern NM is a possible letter-writing topic for VFP.
Dan said the next chapter meeting is THU Jan 13 for potluck at Ken’s house in Eldorado. Members will also mount a phone list telethon to renew chapter memberships. He announced that chapter elections would be held on that day for president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary and delegates at large. Dan said he has to decline running again for president but that Ken is interested. Also for consideration on 1/13 will be Ken’s suggestion that we follow San Diego’s lead in getting SFPS to adopt a strong policy on regulating recruiting in the schools. Erica cited one city where its VFP chapter buys an ad in the high school yearbooks to offset other ads from the military on recruiting. She said she will seek a copy of their ad for our consideration.  
Dan suggested that the chapter again buy a $250 ad in the state National Dance Institute magazine (20,000 readers) highlighting VFP activities, timed for its May 2011 program. Members present supported the idea.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.                                                             Notes by Bob Stearns

VFP Chapter Meeting Minutes                                            

15 September 2010



Peace Day, SAT 9/18, VFP will have table. Volunteers needed to help officiate from 10 am to 5 pm.


Full Disclosure Update – planning meeting has been held, with eight attending. Daniel will be contact with school people. He will so advise FD activists by e-mail. Letter to be sent to school people to contact Daniel for planning FD events. Other ideas: contact SFPS superintendent to ease getting into schools (Daniel and Ken plan to do this); meet with school counselors; urge members with individual school contacts to arrange events at that particular school; speak about FD at PTAs; pass out flyers at school registration time, urging students to opt out of recruiting events. Ken, Norm and Nona will seek state legislative passage of law requiring that students opt in to recruiting events rather than be automatically included (Ken will get info on existing Maryland law). Erica and Ken stressed that relationship with ROTC is better when respectful rather than hostile, and has impelled some ROTC students to go into peace studies.


Veterans Day- Norm went to the recent planning meeting, 4th year we’ve been invited to attend.


VFP National Convention, Portland Maine (where VFP was founded) – Ken said 370 attended, including 37 Iraq and Afghan vets; 3 younger vets are running for national board; check national VFP website for event coverage; featured speaker Chris Hedges was extremely pessimistic about outlook for change, but Paul Stookey of Peter Paul and Mary led the convention goers in restoring optimism. Major theme was importance of building coalitions with other like-minded entities for peace, locally and nationally. VFP will take part in the SAT Oct 2 One Nation Working Together rally in Washington DC, calling for cutback in military spending in order to fund social priorities here at home.


Pax Christi- Nona cited the upcoming March event at Santa Maria De La Paz church, when again the names of  war dead will be read aloud.


Vigil Against Drones at Creech Air Base –Father John Dear, Kathy Kelly and a dozen others were arrested. Protest against School for Americas at Ft. Benning GA will occur weekend before Thanksgiving. Ken plans to attend, urges other chapter members to consider going. 


Public Forum, “What About Our War In Afghanistan???”, FRI Sep 17 at Unitarian Church, Santa Fe – sponsored by Social Justice Committee of the Unitarians, People for Peace, Peace Action NM, and VFP, with speakers knowledgeable about the issues and Q&A to follow. Bob said Journal Santa Fe ran brief story on event today, press calendar items mention the event and posters are up all around town.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Stearns


VFP Chapter Meeting Minutes

18 August 2010


1.  Matt Padilla, Military Legislative Assistant to Senator Udall - Matt, who is an Albuquerque native and former Navy officer, asked for our comments to relay to the Senator, and we asked him about the Senator's positions on several issues, such as the "War Is Making You Poor Act" introduced in the House.  Udall has reservations about Karzai and is considering whether to continue his support for the Administration's policy on Afghanistan (he is not apparently feeling any pressure from the Administration to stay in line, but there aren't many other senators who seem ready to drop their support).  He and Mark Udall introduced a bill requiring the DOD to emphasize energy conservation, which he thinks would help limit the international footprint of the military, but there was not much support in the senate.  It was a substantive and friendly discussion.  Matt invited inquiries or comments: <>, 202-224-6621.


2. Veterans Day - Norm will represent the chapter at the City's planning meetings; Bob G. will be his backup.


3.  Ann Wright event - Although the audience was smaller than hoped, Ann said that more money was raised than at any of her events in Texas, including Dallas and Houston.  (The money will go to hiring an American ship to carry relief supplies to Gaza.)


4.  Cost of War billboard - Bob J., Nona, and Barbara will investigate possibility of petitioning to put a billboard in front of City Hall.


5. Full Disclosure - No coordinator yet to replace Nathaniel who leaves in three days.  Nathaniel will leave all his material with Ken.  Erica Kay will meet with Dean, Daniel, and Joan to consider what to do if we can't find a new coordinator.  Laura Woollven is interested in supporting FD, and Lisa Potkin can help with one event per semester.




"What About the War in Afghanistan?" - 7 pm September 17 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation; retired COL Ed Rowe and a law professor; chapter will co-sponsor.


"Dry Land" - September 3 at the De Vargas.


SOA at Ft Benning, GA, weekend before Thanksgiving.


Respectfully submitted,


Bob Gaines


VFP Chapter Meeting Minutes
21 July 2010

1.  Full Disclosure - No report and no coordinator yet to replace Nathaniel.

2. Potluck for Ken Stewart and Nathaniel Mahlberg - Daniel will check with Ken and Nathaniel whether August 8 or 14 is best, and send an announcement to the list.

3.  Ann Wright - Wednesday, July 28, 7 to 9 pm at James A. Little Theater.  $10 donation.  Mary Charlotte's 25 minute interview with Ann and Ken Mayers will air on Monday between 8 and 9 am.  Ken and Linda Dunham will handle introduction of Ann and Q&A after Ann's talk.

Ken will invite co-sponsors to table.  Ken will arrange for tables and start setup at 6:15.   Bob Josephs, Dean, Joan, Nona will set up VFP table at 6:30.  Ken will bring "How's the War Economy Working for You?"  and the chapter banners; George will provide a peace flag.

Collecting Donations - Barbara and Joan will stand at aisles on either side of auditorium with a sign and donation jars.  Joan will make the signs. Bob Gaines will be backup for Barbara and Joan.  All donations at event go to support Ann's speaking tour; the venue cost of $375 has been covered by a separate donation.

4. Native American scholarships - This month the chapter awarded 4 scholarships, 3 were for  $750; about $500 is left for future scholarships. Over the last 5 years the chapter has awarded $23,250 in scholarships to Native Americans with a commitment to peace-making.

5.   Treasurer's report - We have about $3,400 in unrestricted funds; about $800 more is for Full Disclosure and about $500 is for scholarships.


Think Outside the Bomb - Meeting at downtown library Monday evening, July 26, 5 to 7 pm.  Organizers expect 300 to attend an encampment near Los Alamos from July 30th-August 9th, with a day of action at Los Alamos on August 6.

Restrepo - "One platoon, one valley, one year."  At the Lensic on Friday, July 30, 7 pm.  $15.  Post show interview with the director.

Pax Christi - -- Evening lecture with Bishop Gabino Zavala, president of Pax Christi USA and auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles, on July 30, 7:30 p.m. at El Museo Cultural.  Annual Sackcloth and Ashes Peace Vigil in Los Alamos on July 31.  Gather at 2:00 by Ashley Pond.

The "Good Soldier," which featured VFP members and aired on Bill Moyer's Journal, has been nominated for an Emmy.

VFP Convention in Portland, ME, the 25th Anniversary of VFP at the founding chapter - 25-29 August.  Chris Hedges will be speaker.

SOA at Ft Benning, GA, weekend before Thanksgiving.

VFP Chapter Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2010

Present: Daniel, Ken, Anna May, Erica, Bob, Shannon, Nona, Joan, Marjorie, Dean, Nathaniel, Sean

Daniel said that Pat Leahan has invited VFP to take part in the Las Vegas Fiesta Parade SAT July 3. He also said the SF Institute recently presented a program on Terrorism.

Guest Sean Peterson made a presentation on Impact Personal Safety, a program that offers training in violence avoidance and personal defense. Can give a motivational speech or a free one-hour demonstration. Seeking volunteers. Info at and 860-655-7200.

Ken noted that Bill Christison’s memorial service is at 2 pm FRI at Rivera Funeral Home.

Daniel said he will seek to reserve a table or space for VFP at the Roundhouse for the January 60-day legislative session, Ken urged support for a bill like one passed in Maryland that stops info on high schoolers from being sent to m ilitary recruiters, Bob proposed support again for the bill to establish a state Office of Peace.

Daniel proposed a VFP potluck for Ken Stewart and Nathaniel Mahlberg. Date was set for Aug 15.

Erica said she has moved to Alcalde from Seattle, where she was liaison for Peace Action and active in helping war resisters and service people seeking to get out.

Ken said PeaceAction will hold another Think Outside the Bomb 10-day encampment at Chimayo Jul 30-Aug 9, with youth involved from around the nation. Will practice sustainable living, train for non-violent action, commemorate Hiroshima. Eric has visited the site.

Daniel said the Gay Pride Parade is set for 26 June. VFP plans a table and a banner reading “Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

Daniel and Ken said retired Col. Ann Wright will speak in SF again July 28 on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, of which she was a part. A coalition of peace groups is seeking a major venue such as the Little Theater at the deaf school. Aim is to raise funds for a U.S. ship sailing to Gaza.

Daniel said we should plan for Veterans Day, perhaps panel discussion with David Barsamian and Dar Jamahl.

Possible VFP involvement was discussed for the State Fair Parade in Albuquerque, the Jemez Springs July 4th Parade, and the Madrid Parade.  

Ken said a new national e-mail list for chapter business has begun. Mentioned is proposal to increase dues, now $25, to a new level of $40. Getting us out of Iraq and Afghanistan remains the overriding VFP issue. Under discussion is a proposal to buy Cindy Sheehan’s property outside the GWB ranch at Crawford for establishing a VFP retreat center

Meeting adjourned

Notes by Bob Stearns



VFP Chapter Meeting Minutes

28 April 2010


1. Free Gaza Movement fund raiser - the board agreed to be a co-sponsor prior to the chapter meeting in order to be on the flyer.


2. Full Disclosure - Nathaniel reported that Warehouse 21 and Micah Shaw, ABQ IVAW have recorded a radio program (not yet broadcast).  FD had a table at the Capital High Career Fair on March 19.  The organizers resisted having FD, but teacher Mike Costello insisted.  Showed "Purple Heart" and displayed 3 panels of Tim's Iraq/Afghan memorial.  Students took most of the materials.


Nathaniel will leave in August to start at Union Theological Seminary in NYC.  Adam Kokesh said that if not otherwise engaged, he will consider active involvement in FD but would not coordinate it.  Tracey Harmon will speak about Iraq on May 19, and she may be willing to coordinate.  Send suggestions for coordinator to Daniel.


3. Operation Free - Chuck Tyler (vet) is NM organizer and described the program, which promotes green energy and makes the connection between US wars and our dependence on oil from unstable places.  He will provide a video to the chapter.  He asks us to write Congress.  Daniel will connect him with KSFR.


4. Agent Orange - Ken reported on his trip to Vietnam with 5 vets, paid for by VAVA.  They visited 2 VAVA chapters a day and met AO victims (there are 3 million victims and the government provides only a $20/month benefit to vets and their children).  Ken brought $650, which will be used to build a house in the name of Joan Duffy ($155 more had been donated by the time he returned to US).  The US vets are drafting a bill to aid VN victims with help from an aide to John Conyers.


5. PTSD (no notes?)


6. Community Day, May 15 - Ken, Joan, Norm, Daniel will table.


7. Thirsty Ear, June 12 and 13 - $150 for a table; Ken Joan, Daniel will table with ABQ VFP.


8. Ortiz y Pino - He would like to talk with the chapter (not campaign); Daniel will contact him.


9. Dept of Veteran Affairs - Table at their September workshop?




NPT Review - the eighth UN Review Conference on the NPT will be from May 3-28, 2010, to assess the treaty's implementation.


Respectfully submitted,


Bob Gaines, Secretary

VFP Chapter Meeting Minutes
24 February 2010

1. March Forth - Ken was absent and no report or action was taken

2. AJVSF events: March 28 and April 10 - We agreed to cosponsor.

3. Dahr Jamail speaking - No report

4. Interfaith Community Shelter commitment - Paige Grant sent word that most chapter members volunteered for April 5.  (Update: April 5 was inadvertently scheduled for another group and there are no more nights available before the shelter closes at the end of April.)

5. Full Disclosure - No report  We confirmed the agreement to pay Nathaniel a $200/mo stipend to manage FD out of the $3000 grant. (The chapter agreed to this last November, but it was not recorded in the November minutes.)

6. Donation to KSFR - We agreed to send either $10 per month or $100, whichever was easier for Ken.

7. Fall event - Daniel reported that Michael Pollon would not be available.  Eduardo will explore ways of connecting the cost of war to local concerns, food, and the economy.

Announcements - Pax Christi will have a vigil on March 19 and 20 at Santa Maria de la Paz.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Gaines, Secretary
VFP Chapter Meeting Minutes
18 November 2009

1. Winter Homeless Shelter - Paige Grant will organize chapter
volunteers for at least one day during the weeks of April 4th, 18th or
25th (all earlier dates are already covered, although we might be asked
to fill in if another group falls short of volunteers).

2. Screening "The Good Soldier" Dec 5 at CCA - Daniel will coordinate
with CCA and arrange for flyers and PR.  Students get free admission.

3. Fund-raiser for IVAW - the ABQ IVAW chapter is hosting a national
training for IVAW organizers in the Southwest in late January, and they
need funding for it.  Nathaniel will get more information to help us see
how we can help them.  We need to help the ABQ chapter because they are
assisting with Full Disclosure and Another Side.

4. Another Side funds request - Another Side had $3,000 when it shut
down.  Nathaniel's request for the  money to use for Full Disclosure was
successful.  Tim is working on getting "Alternatives" (the yellow
booklet) onto a CD and Ken will put it on the chapter website.

5. Ad in NDI program - We will have a $250 ad focused on Full Disclosure.

6. Book signing opportunity for Richard Becker's Palestine book - Daniel
will discuss our possible involvement with the Christisons.

Announcements - Ken will give a talk to Another Jewish Voice on January 17 at Warehouse 21.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Gaines, Secretary

VFP Board of Delegates Meeting Minutes
27 October 2009

Present: Daniel Craig, President, Norm Budrow, Vice President, Ken Mayers, Treasurer, Robert Gaines, Secretary, Barbara Conroy, at large Delegate, and Bob Josephs, at large Delegate.


Daniel Craig convened the meeting at 2:20 pm.  A quorum was present.


Daniel Craig made a motion that Robert Gaines and Daniel Craig be added as signers on the organization's checking account.


Robert Gaines seconded the motion.


 Daniel Craig, Norm Budrow, Ken Mayers, Bob Gaines, Secretary, Barbara Conroy, and Bob Josephs voted in favor.  None opposed.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:25 pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Robert Gaines, Secretary

VFP Chapter Meeting Minutes
16 September 2009

1. VFP & assisting feeding homeless in Santa Fe - Barbara Belding,
chapter member and Interfaith Community Shelter Group board member
presented an update on the group's plans for a winter shelter to open on
November 1.   More info at

2. Veteran’s Day Parade update - Daniel reported that Carla Lopez, city
staff person organizing the city parade welcomes our input. The first
planning meeting will be 1:30 - 2:30 on September 24, at the Counselors'
Conference Room at the city offices.  Daniel and Norm will represent the
chapter.  We agreed to recommend that the parade be on November 11
rather than on the previous Sunday.

3. VFP & Dinner for homeless veterans on Veteran’s Day - Ray Masterson,
who is a chapter member and Shelter Group board member, has suggested
this event.  One possibility would be a lunch after the parade at the
new shelter, perhaps catered by the Pantry (which provided a delicious
lunch for the Doing Democracy event for only $1 per person).  Daniel
will propose to Carla and Ray.  Bob will assist in planning.

4. Skype update - Ken reported that Skype gave our number to another
person, claiming they had notified us that our subscription had expired.
After complaining to Skype without success, Ken has arranged for a new
number.  Bob will bring our stock of business cards with the old number
to the next chapter meeting and we will decide then whether to order new
ones or write the new number on them (we still have about 950 cards; Bob
reported that we have gotten only two calls since we acquired the Skype
number last year).

5. KSFR fund drive volunteering by VFP - Daniel will propose Sep 25 or
28 to KSFR and post a call for volunteers on the email list.  Ken will
contact Diego to schedule one of the 5 for Truth presenters during the
pledge drive.

6. Habitat For Humanity update - Ken reported 8 have signed up.  He will
organize a tour of the Habitat office, Restore, and a construction site
for those considering volunteering.  He will mail a call for volunteers
to those who don't use email.

7. “Five For Truth” 10 October 2009 update - The UU social justice
committee is a co-sponsor, so we won't have to pay for the use of the UU
facility.  SF Rape Crisis Center, ACLU, NM Conference of Churches have
agreed to be co-sponsors of the session related to their interests and
will table.  The Quaker Meeting will be asked to co-sponsor the
nonviolence session.  Collected Works will provide the books.  Daniel
will check whether CW can provide an employee to also handle sales.
Will Covert and a UNM crew will film the sessions.  Cindy Sheehan can't
come, so Daniel has arranged with Mateo Peixinho to speak on nuclear
disarmament and conversion of facilities.  Ken is arranging for flyers
and distribution.  The next meeting of the planning committee will be at
Ken's house at 2 pm, September 27.  We still need accommodations for 4
of the presenters.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Gaines, Secretary

VFP Chapter Meeting Minutes
July 15, 2009

1.  Report on Pride march on June 27 – About 5 members marched with Chapter banner.  Tabled 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, 4 female signups for VFP.
2.  Report on Torture Awareness Events 27-28 June – About 25 at Saturday showing of “Taxi to the Dark Side.”  CCA collected admission and will deduct their costs from the receipts and bill us if they are short; no bill yet from CCA.  About 50 attended the Sunday community forum, and there were strong messages on torture read by representatives of Udall and Lujan (Bingaman sent a message later).  It was very well organized by Holly Beaumont of the NM Conference of Churches and there were many positive comments.  The main speaker, Dr. Charlie Clements, who worked for AFSC in Central America in the 80s, suggested afterwards to Ken that VFP should organize a commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Romero next March 24, and honor Ed Asner, who was very active then on Central America and is a member of the LA VFP.  Charlie suggested doing it at the Cathedral Basilica.  Ken has begun working on the arrangements.  VFP collected about $265 in donations at the two events; our costs were $140 to rent the UUC hall and $400 for Charlie's airfare.
3.  Report on status of VFP Build-it Project with Habitat For Humanity – Ken and Daniel sending surveys via snail mail and email to all members to set up a work schedule. Habitat is very well organized to use people with all kinds of skills (or none).  Larger groups usually get good media coverage.  Tina has worked with Habitat in LA and will help with PR.
4.  Discussion of a job description for VFP "Public Relations" coordinator – We need a PR coordinator to do media relations and event planning.  That person does not necessarily have to attend chapter meetings, but then we also would need a person to act as liaison between the chapter and the coordinator.  Ken will bring last year's reorganization forms to the next meeting.  Tina and Nona will bring a proposal for discussion.
5.  Planning for a party for VFP – Daniel suggests September 13.  Tina will check on locations for a potluck BBQ.
6.  Veterans Day Event with Rape Crisis Center – Daniel will contact the Rape Crisis Center for more info.  Daniel favors having Dahr Jamail speak; Ken will contact him about a date around November 8 to 11.
7.  Veteran's Day parade arrangements – Daniel will verify the day of the city parade and confirm that we are invited.
8.  Financial assistance for Nathaniel's travel to NNOMY conference July 17-19 (national truth in recruiting movement) – The board authorized paying for Nathaniel's air fare; he will pay the remaining conference costs and give us a report on the conference.
9.  Update on Coalition to Stop $30 Billion to Israel billboards – The Coalition proposed a compromise on the content after the original billboards were taken down, but still no agreement between the national billboard company and the Coalition.  The Coalition, which is “radically democratic,” is divided over whether to compromise further.
10.  “Occupied” is a multimedia performance about the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq, and American minds, July 25 at 8:30 pm  – Joan Kennedy will table, Norm Budow may be able to help.  Joan could use more helpers.
11. Horses for Heroes – We are interested in seeing whether we can work with this program for injured vets.  Bob will invite Gus Jolley to the next chapter meeting to answer questions.
12. Additional Items
* Tina needs local contacts to arrange for broadcasting “Winter Soldier in Japan” which will be in 4 Japanese cities September 15 to 23.
* Tewa Women United benefit is July 31.
* Ken will get more info for next meeting on a possible state-sponsored Crisis Response Team for Santa Fe.
* We agreed it was too late to organize tabling at Sustainable Santa Fe.
Respectfully submitted,
Bob Gaines, Acting Secretary
VFP Chapter Meeting Minutes
June 17, 2009

1. Maggie Monroe-Cassel from Habitat For Humanity re: VFP Build-it Project - Groups can sponsor a day building a house (we get some of the publicity).  Requires $250 donation and a minimum of 10 persons (might be just 8) for at least 4 hours, and preferably 8 hours.  Ken will organize the recruiting for a group; could do it for a vet if one has a house being built.  (Individuals and smaller groups can work on any day w/o being a sponsor.)

2. VFP/PFLAG-Letter to President Obama re: Don't Ask-Don't Tell policy - Ken will ask Michael McGarrity (who made the suggestion) to write the letter.  Pride march on June 27; we'll march with PFLAG; Ken will bring the banner.

3. Native American Scholarship Program - Lucy Moore organized the program for aspiring students interested in working for peace within their communities.  Eleven $1,000 scholarships awarded since 2006.  VFP committee (Lucy, Ken, Daniel) evaluates applications, so far all Navajo. Daniel will meet with Tewa Women about extending to pueblos.

4. Full Disclosure Update - Presentation at Espanola went very well. Two mid-20s IVAW vets from ABQ with compelling stories (and the Marine sniper had lots of tattoos) really connected with the students.  First time to include the AFSC's Eyes Wide Open exhibit (38 pairs of boots representing NM soldiers killed in Iraq and 4 more pairs for Afghanistan, plus a pair of white boots representing suicides).  The Marine, who had a 70% disability for TBI and PTSD, pointed out that he had served with one of the NM dead.  During the last presentation of the day, the teacher placed a pair of boots on each student's desk...students were staring at the tag on the boots with the name and age of the soldier.

5. Torture Awareness Event planning for weekend of 27-28 June - Ken is working with Holly Beaumont of NM Conference of Churches.  CCA will show "Taxi to the Dark Side" on Saturday, June 27 at 8:15 PM.  Nona, Anna, Dean, and Eduardo (maybe) will table.  Also, Community Gathering on Sunday June 28 at 7 PM; Charlie Clements will be main speaker.

6. Discussion of a VFP "Public Relations" coordinator - Daniel will develop a job description.

7. Planning a party for VFP -  Maybe in July or August.  Daniel will send email asking for volunteers to plan.

8. Veterans Day Event-pos. invite to Dahr Jamail as speaker - No decision on invitation to Jamail.  The Vet Center suggested that the SF Rape Crisis Center contact us about co-sponsoring a Veterans Day event with them and other vet organizations - we will get more information and report at the next chapter meeting.  Daniel will check with Mayor Coss that we will be invited to march in the Veteran's Day parade.

9. Additional Items

Barbara attended VFP Peace Day in Taos - very well organized, good presentations, but not well attended.  The VFP chapter worked closely with Peace House.

Ken - No progress on the "rapid response team" to work with EMTs.

Nona - Pax Christi is sponsoring Witness for Peace (Jody Williams and Mairead Macguire) on July 31 and a Peace Vigil at Los Alamos on August 1.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Gaines
Acting Secretary
Minutes 4/15/09
Joan Duffy Chapter, Veterans for Peace

Following introductions and a brief recap of the last meeting, business
items included:

*Report on Doing Democracy - About 45 participants, quite a diverse
group, very well received, "too little time allotted."  Received $650,
about $400 in expenses for handouts and graphics.   Excellent food from
the Pantry at $1 per person (we added 15% as a thanks); Pantry willing
to supply food for future events.

*Report on Volunteering at KSFR during fund drive - Started too late to
find a time VFP members could do it together, but several members went
individually.  KSFR supports us (Ken and Barbara were on to promote
Doing Democracy) so we need to support them.  Start early for the fall
fund drive to get a time for us to do it together.

*Report on co-sponsoring Ziad Abbas with Another Jewish Voice, Santa Fe
- Although we had tentatively agreed (after finding out more about AJV)
to co-sponsor at the March meeting, several members subsequently
indicated they were reluctant to get involved with an event that
appeared to be taking sides in the Israeli-Palestinian situation.  Since
our preferred practice is to act by consensus, Bob notified AJV that we
wouldn't co-sponsor but would announce the event through our email list.

*Full Disclosure report - Nathaniel, Alex, Tim, and Bob were at the
March career fair at Capital HS; students from many schools; Alex and
Tim were great with students and teachers who stopped by, although
clearly the marines had the most popular table.  Tim had a good talk
with one of the marine recruiters who had served two tours in Iraq and
said that getting help with PTSD is being stressed when troops rotate
back to the states.  Espanola HS on April 23 and Penasco likely April
29.  Meeting on the 22nd to discuss restructuring due to Maria's
impending move.

*Sponsorship of Coalition to Stop $30B to Israel
( - We agreed to sponsor and
contribute $100 for the billboards.  Ken will find out whether a larger
donation is indicated.

*Donation to the Assistance Dogs of the West - Good article in April 14
New Mexican.  Project Known Quantity raises funds for assistance dogs
for vets (dogs cost $15,000 to 20,000 to train); requested donation is
$300.  Ken offered to match a $150 donation from the chapter.  We
agreed.  Barbara and Ken will get more info on how we can help the project.

*Participate in Taos VFP Peace Day, May 29 - Barbara will get more info
and post to list.  Bob may take Eyes Wide Open NM boots (which now
includes a pair of white boots to represent veteran suicides along with
a "War Within" sign describing the extent of suicides).

*Table at Community Days May 16 - Post to list a call for volunteers to

*Table at  Festival of Sharing at de Vargas Park June 28 - Ken will table.


Cindy Sheehan event - Anna and Nona will table.
Interfaith Homeless Shelter - Cooks need for April 25

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Gaines
Acting Secretary

Minutes 2/18/09
Joan Duffy Chapter, Veterans for Peace

Bob Gaines, Moderator and President

Following introductions and a brief recap of the last meeting, business
items included:

Doing Democracy  Ken Mayers introduced the April 4th workshop and asked
for input from members present. Ken will be facilitating the 4 hour
workshop on a non-violent social change model with participant
interaction to understand its roles and stages. We will request a small
donation, have a mid-March deadline for registration, provide a luncheon
(either furnished by another organization or by our members), and have a
table for registration/vfp info/uu social justice committee information.
An information letter will be sent to peace, justice and activist
organizations urging them to notify their membership. The team working
on logistics includes: Barbara Conroy (planning and promotion), Anna
Daly/Daniel Craig (flyer distribution/KSFR/Reporter), Norm (info table),
Bob Gaines (set up/take down), Nona Gregg.

Coalition to Bring the Guard Home  Norm Budow and Daniel Craig attended
the Press Conference in the Rotunda. NM action is connected with the
national movement and may now be affected by economic downturn.

Senate Bill 464  establishing guidelines for recruitment on High School
campuses across NM--will have its first committee hearing in Senate
Education Committee on Monday, February 23, at 8am.

Depleted Uranium  Several contacts from Jai Spidel have solicited our
assistance with bringing speakers on the depleted uranium issue to Santa
Fe. Members present were  interested in the DU issue but concluded that
we don’t have sufficient confidence in the speaker proposed to agree to

VFP Visibility  Daniel Craig proposed that the chapter insert a paid
advertisement in the annual program of the National Dance Institute
which has a full year of distribution at events throughout the state.
The audience is youth oriented and the decision was made to use full
disclosure wording and buy a ¼ page ad, using $200 from the Full
Disclosure grant. Daniel will follow through with the help of Dave White
on layout.

Chapter Elections  Nominations for new officers were solicited by Bob
Gaines.  Nominations: President: Daniel Craig; Vice President: Norm
Budow; Treasurer: Ken Mayers.  Additional nominations for these offices
and for Secretary to be sought by Bob Gaines from membership.  The
election of officers will be held at the March chapter meeting.  (Daniel
Craig, Barbara Conroy, Bob Josephs, and Eduardo Krasilovsky were elected
to 3 year terms as Delegates at Large at the February 6, 2008 meeting,
so no election for delegates is needed this year.)

1. The Cathedral will host all veterans at a dinner event February 24th.
2. Veterans Day at the Roundhouse will be February 27th sponsored by the
NM Office of
Veterans Affairs. Norm will contact them and see if we can get a table.
3. Pax Christi is having an event on February 20th at Santa Maria de la Paz.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Conroy
February 19, 2009
(Additional material added by Bob Gaines)

Minutes 1/21/09

Joan Duffy Chapter, Veterans for Peace

Bob Gaines, Moderator and President

Following introductions and a brief recap of the last meeting (November,
2008), business items included:

"Democracy Game": Tentative date is April 4, 10 to noon and 1 to 3 PM,
at the Unitarian Church. Ken wants to have about 40 persons, probably
extending invitations through peace groups (invite ABQ Peace and Justice
also?).  Barbara is working on logistics. Anna, Daniel, Norm, and Nona
will also help.

Coalition for Bringing the Guard Home: This NM legislative effort does
not have a bill on the floor yet. It follows action in a previous
session advocating the state's need for the guard. Ken Mayers, Dave
White and Eduardo K. indicated an interest in working on this.

Full Disclosure: The team visited Charter School #37 recently. Nathaniel
Mahlberg was joined by Alex Smith and Tim White, who attended the last
meeting for the first time. A successful day-long event with good
teacher support. Many of the teachers who have been supportive of the
program have now left the school system so new contacts are needed.
Upcoming schedule includes Espanola, Penasco, Los Alamos.

Gaza Children Benefit: VFP Chapter is co-sponsoring this event organized
by Joe Mowrey. Barbara Conroy and Norm Budow will table. Eduardo raised
the question of whether it is appropriate to sponsor this event.

Veterans/PTSD: Virginia Miller attended the meeting and reported on the
Office of Peace legislation she is working on (sponsor: Ortiz y Pino)
and on her new efforts to assure that vets with PTSD are reached and
treated. She will be doing a presentation asking for DOP funding to the
Legislative Finance Council. She asked for help with background information.

President Bob Gaines called for nominations for officers. Terms for
present officers end in February.

Barbara Conroy announced that the Sun News in collaboration with the Vet
Center and Lou Helwig, Director of Field Operations, will be featuring a
column on veterans benefits.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Conroy
Additional items by Bob Gaines

Minutes 11/19/08
Joan Duffy Chapter, Veterans for Peace

Bob Gaines, Moderator and President

Following introductions and a brief recap of the last meeting, business
items included:

Full Disclosure: Bob reported for Nathaniel (who is out of town) that
the recent presentation at Capital went very well.  Alex Smith is an
Iraq vet who joined the team for the presentation.  He said several
folks came up to him after to tell him the presentation changed their
minds about joining the military.  We've been invited to present at CS
37 and YouthWorks.  Two new people attending this month's VFP meeting,
Dick Cooper and Tim White, are both interested in working with the Full
Disclosure program.

Legislative Priority Areas:  Looking ahead at the legislative dockets
(national and state) we discussed briefly the effort to bring the
National Guard home and mandating trauma counseling for ptsd vets and
torture. Bob reported on being included in the NM Conference of Churches
meeting with the Congressional staffers of Udall and Bingaman on the
issue of torture. Barbara Conroy will keep an eye out for the 2009 state
legislative session.

Anna Daly offered a contact with the editor of the Sun News who is a
very interested advocate for awareness of veteran's benefits. This could
be a program we offer the public and maybe collaborate with Sun News.
Dick Cooper indicated he would be interested in working with Barbara
Conroy and Anna on the issue of sexual abuse of women in the service.

Programming: Discussion on what the chapter could do to bring increased
energy into the new year and greater involvement brought forward the
following for consideration:
1. The chapter sponsoring an event of the Democracy Game offering it to
members of other peace, civic and activist groups and maybe the general
public. This would capitalize on the results of the election and
heightened interest and optimism of the country. Ken Mayers has the
materials. Barbara could help with administration and promotion.
2. A general chapter membership meeting could list all activities and
those who are interested could self select the committees they are
interested in.
3. An event offering a panel of resource people to inform vets, their
families and the public about the needs to be met and the benefits

Middle East Peace and Justice Alliance (in Albuquerque) invited us to
their organizational meeting November 15.  Kathy Christison sent a
report on the meeting which was posted to the VFP discussion list. MEPJA
will meet again January 10th.  No decision was taken on whether the
chapter should join MEPJA's effort, and members are encouraged to offer
their comments.

Meetings: Bob suggested that due to the holiday, we will not have a
December meeting.

1. Tim Origer is working on further strategies for Chris LaVone who was
sentenced to 4½ years. Restorative Justice is one possibility according
to Dave White, who sees Chris at the county jail.
2. The chapter needs new officers and leadership. Nominations are sought
now and elections will be held in February.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Conroy
November 24, 2008
(Additional material added by Bob Gaines)

Minutes 10/15/08
Joan Duffy Chapter, Veterans for Peace

Bob Gaines, Moderator and President

Following introductions and a brief recap of the last meeting, business
items included:

Plaza Event: Bob Gaines, Kip Corneli and Daniel Craig met with Carla
Lopez, Mayor  Coss's assistant, to request consistency in the rules and
fees for plaza events. Bob provided a follow up letter with information
requested by Ms. Lopez and he will check back with Ms. Lopez on the
city's response.

Veterans Day: Plaza is not available but we are invited to be in the
Sunday (11/9) parade at 10 am from Murales Road down Bishops Lodge Road
  through the Plaza to the Vets Memorial. Bob G. will get the flags and
banner and Barbara Conroy will take the remaining flowers from our last

Middle East Peace and Justice Alliance (in Albuquerque) has invited us
to an organizational meeting on November 15th.

Art Work Project: Dave White remains active on this project described
earlier and will meet with Bill Stewart. We need to host a cocktail
party to draw potential buyers. There was some skepticism on our ability
to launch serious efforts, make relevant contacts and know the current
market. Kip Corneli has drawn back from this effort.

Full Disclosure: Two veterans (from Iraq and Gulf War) are interested in
being involved. Nathaniel Mahlberg spoke recently at a League of Women
Voters meeting.

Torture: Anti-torture legislation supported by Bingaman and Udall was
vetoed by Bush last March.  Kip Corneli and Bob Gaines will meet with
Luhan (candidate for District 3  Representative) to ask him to support
this issue in 2009.

Meetings: Bob raised for review our decision to move to one 1½ hour
meeting a month and he asked how this was working out. For those who
want more contact, informal meeting should be possible and facilitated.
Norm suggested that we have a telephone tree for emergency or time
sensitive information or alerts for those that do not have/use email.
Bob will send a call out to solicit a member who would like to organize
a telephone tree.

1. Chris LaVone was sentenced on 10/14 to an unusually harsh 4 ½ years.
  The mitigating evidence (first offender, acceptance of responsibility,
early attempts to reach out to victim's family, years of treatment for
PTSD, valuable member of the community) and proposal for alternatives to
incarceration, including a restorative justice process, carried little
weight with the judge. We agreed to collaborate with Tim Origer in
working on assistance for combat vets who commit offenses, including
perhaps legislation in NM similar to Minnesota's requiring mandatory
trauma therapy for those convicted, and possibly a request for clemency
for Chris.
2. The current officers' term ends in February, and the chapter will
elect new officers at our February meeting.  Nominations should be sent
to the secretary, Helen Corneli, by mid-January.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Conroy (additional material by Bob Gaines)
October 22, 2008

Minutes 9/17/08
Joan Duffy Chapter, Veterans for Peace

Ken Mayers chaired the meeting.

Following introductions business was suspended and those present engaged
in some sections of the Democracy Game that Ken presented to the
national VFP at their recent convention. We shared our experience with
social and organizational change and how our roles in those changes
played out.

Meeting closed at 9:45 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Conroy
Minutes 8/20/08
Joan Duffy Chapter, Veterans for Peace

Bob Gaines, Moderator

Following introductions and a brief recap of the last meeting, business
items included:

Art Donation: Kip Corneli and Dave White reported that an artist, Diane
G. Rolnick, was interested in making a donation to our chapter.  Dave
volunteered to talk with Ms. Rolnick to clarify what was expected of us.
  8-25 update from Dave: "Our involvement is very simple.  She wants us
to agree to accept 1/2 of the proceeds from the sale, she appears very
firm on the $25k figure for the piece, the sale should be pre-arranged,
no cocktail parties, absolutely no auctions or gallery involvement, and
we need "high end" money people to endorse the piece.  Also, on this
piece, no involvement with other organizations (PFLAG, etc.).  Lastly,
she specified that the funds must go to a program that directly benefits
the members of the military and/or veterans, so not the scholarship

Publicity and Promotion Resource Kit: Ken Mayers suggested and the group
agreed to make widely available to those groups that are interested.
Barbara Conroy will send a notice to the membership listserve that the
kit is available on request.

No Attack on Iran ad in New Mexican: Barbara described an ad organized
by Marvin Van Dilla of the Unitarian Church for early September.
Chapter will endorse and members are also encouraged to endorse as

Labor Day at the Capitol: Maurice Martin has been involved in the
planning for this event sponsored by NAACP.  Daniel Craig is making a
presentation.  Barbara Conroy will attempt to recruit members to table
there.  It will be held in Franklin Park this year.

National VFP Communications: Ann Daly inquired about the distribution of
information by the national office. Most is by email and that eliminates
those without it. We need to find a way of sending our information and
national's to our members without email.

Veterans Day, November 11: Last year we marched in the parade and
carried banners. Bob and Daniel are meeting with the Mayor on August 28
about our cost for using the Plaza, and Bob will ask that we be included
in the parade again this year.  Santa Fe Community College has requested
a speaker from our chapter on Veterans Day.  8-24 update: Bob has asked
Tina Garnanez, an Iraq vet, to contact SFCC about speaking there.

Fresh Approach – The teams are to identify a specific legislative
vehicle for each of our issues and ask candidates to commit to
co-sponsor and vote for that legislation in the next Congress.  The
teams should also seek allies in the peace movement willing to join us
in meeting with the candidates.

Teams reporting progress:
1) Veterans Benefits – Group met: Kelly Smith, Jerry Bober, Barbara
Conroy, Maurice Martin and Norm Budow and discussed Maurice’s upcoming
visit to the Congressional delegation.  The major issues from that
meeting that he will focus on were: homeless vets and their needs, vet
center outreach centers and the ability to register vet voters in
hospitals. Jerry will be the contact person, Barbara will talk to Kelly
about meeting space.
2) Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty –  Ken Mayers reported five pieces of
legislation introduced in Congress and Udall has not sponsored any of them.
3) Reducing the military budget/Demilitarization - Ken could not find
any legislation.
4) Torture – Team has identified HR 4114 the American Anti-Torture Act,
a bill introduced last November with 80 co-sponsors including Udall.
The bill's language was incorporated into the Intelligence Authorization
bill which Bush then vetoed in March.  The veto override failed and the
provision that made the Army field manual on interrogation the uniform
standard for all interrogation was removed so that Bush would sign it.
Kip Corneli, Norm Budow, and Bob Gaines.

Each team will schedule a meeting with the candidates or their staff to
ask for a commitment to co-sponsor and vote for the legislation if
elected.  We will focus is on Udall and Luhan.

Everyone is encouraged to ask candidates about our issues in meetings
and events, and to write letters to the editor.  The Dark Side, a new
book by Jane Mayer, was cited as a good source on the administration's
embrace of torture.

Doing Democracy: Ken briefly introduced a board game which could help us
plan effective strategies for change.  We agreed to put it on the
September meeting agenda.

Santa Fe Community TV has contacted us to speak about VFP.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Conroy
Additional material by Bob Gaines
August 24, 2008

Bob Gaines
52 Estambre Road
Santa Fe, NM 87508
505-466-1746 (voice and fax)

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."

-Howard Zinn

Minutes 7/16/08
Joan Duffy Chapter, Veterans for Peace

Bob Gaines, Moderator

Following the introductions and a brief recap of the last meeting,
reports of the active teams included:

Website Team – Ken Mayers reported that meeting agendas and minutes are
now on the VFP website ( He and Jerry Bober will be
upgrading the website and Jerry will be subsequently responsible for

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) visit to New Mexico has been canceled.

Free Bus Rides on Election Day – Maurice Martin requested and received
support for a  letter from the chapter to the Mayor and City Council
member for Trails connections at polling places and free bus service
November 4th.

Labor Day at the Capitol – VFP has characteristically been part of this
effort to promote voter registration. Daniel Craig will be asked to
speak for the chapter. It will be held in Franklin Park this year.

Petition for Gulf War vet Chris LaVone  -- Members are encouraged to
support his petition to the court for PTSD treatment instead of serving
time in jail.  Ken Mayers will  circulate to membership through email.

Fresh Approach – Bob Gaines introduced our next step in connecting
actively with candidates and allies in the peace movement on specific
legislation relevant to veterans’ interests.  It is essential that we
identify appropriate legislative vehicles by the August 20 chapter
meeting so we can schedule visits with Congressional candidates in
September or October. We will ask candidates to commit to co-sponsor and
vote for those specific legislative vehicles in the next Congress.

Issues Teams reported progress:
1) Veterans Benefits – GI Bill passed and signed. Group yet to meet:
Kelly Smith, Jerry Bober, Barbara Conroy, Maurice Martin and Eduardo
Kraslovski. They will identify legislation on VA funding, treatment for
mental health, and DU testing.
2) Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty/Nuclear Non-Proliferation –  Ken Mayers
reported: identified good sources of information. HR1025 brings “sense
of the house” that money for nukes should be significantly reduced and
reallocated. Nunn-Lugar program to safeguard disarmament.
3) Reducing the military budget/demilitarization - Ken is still working
on it
4) Torture – legislation introduced (by J. Nadler) that no agency or
contractor may use other than what is allowed by the Army Field Manual.
The language was included in the Intelligence Authorization Bill passed
by the House and Senate but vetoed by Bush then was and dropped from the
final bill. Udall was a co-sponsor of the original anti-torture bill,
and the language will undoubtedly be included in a bill in the next
Congress, so it should be easy to get commitments from Udall and Luhan.
Kip Corneli, Norm Budow, and Bob Gaines.

Working with allied groups on common interests is a significant part of
our effort:

Other vet organizations such as VFW and American Legion - Norm and
Kelly, no report
Other N.M. VFP chapters are a natural - Ken has contacted them.
Amnesty International, especially on torture; using their delegation
visitation with follow-up letters model is wise - Dave and Barbara will
Pax Christi especially on test ban treaty - Ken will contact
Peace committees of churches, such as those allied for Mother's Day
Peace Rally and possibly the NM Conference of Churches. Maurice Martin
and Ken will talk to Holly Beaumont.
Bud Ryan is assembling a coalition of state-wide peace groups, probably
meeting September 6 at the Albuquerque Peace and Justice Center - good
opportunity to find allies
Albuquerque Peace and Justice Center has Steering Committee (PAJOLA) and
are forming a plan of action on nuclear disarmament issue.

Iraq/Afghanistan Memorial Installation was at Angel Fire for 4 days over
4th of July.  The Memorial has been completely updated and is current to
within a few months.  Tim and Joe may offer the Memorial to IVAW to use
when they visit posts to talk to active duty service people; Tim and Joe
would continue to maintain the Memorial.

Tina Garnanez joined the chapter. She is an Iraq vet and IVAW member,
interested in our Full Disclosure project and starting a IVAW chapter in
Santa Fe.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Conroy
July 17, 2008
(additional material by Bob Gaines)

Bob Gaines
52 Estambre Road
Santa Fe, NM 87508
505-466-1746 (voice and fax)

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."

-Howard Zinn
Minutes 6/18/08

Joan Duffy Chapter, Veterans for Peace

Bob Gaines, Moderator

Full Disclosure (Eduardo) - Charter 37 visit went well. Zellie’s photos
of Iraq moved the students. We hope to repeat visits to schools already
visited as well as new ones. We need to find cooperative teachers, and
we must do careful advance planning.

Memorial Day (Kip, Barbara) - There was good attendance to the event,
with a number of conversations and donations. Barbara wrote thank you
notes to the clergy involved. Some non-members joined the march to the
cemetery. Flowers were put upon graves of Joan Duffy and Jim McCabe.
“Body of War” at CCA drew a good crowd of about 70; donations were
gratefully received (the distributor charged $500 for film, so the
amount the chapter received is not yet clear). Thanks to Dave White for
his invaluable help in arranging these participators. The city charged
us $375 for the Memorial Day permit, although we had not been charged in
the past, and Bob Gaines will work on arranging a meeting with Mayor
Coss to get agreement on permit fees in the future.

Eduardo spoke of the large attendance at the annual Santa Fe Reporter's
block party he attended, held each June, and suggested such events would
be a good place to table.

Approved Ken's request for up to $650 to buy a dedicated laptop computer
for the treasurer. Ken pointed out that he is often out of town, and
asked to have an assistant treasurer appointed who could be trained to
take over from him soon and also to stand in for him when he is away.
Bob asked for volunteers.


The teams researching our priority issues for the “fresh approach”
(contact a team member if you want to work on their issue):

Needs of NM veterans (VA funding, mental health, benefits, DU
testing, Webb GI Bill if it fails this year) - Kelly, Eduardo, Maurice,
Barbara, Jerry
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty - Ken, Kip and Norm
Torture -- Kip and Norm
Recalling NM National guard - Dave (after July 15)
Reducing the military budget/demilitarization - Ken

Commitments to contact potential allies:

Other vet organizations - Norm, Kelly
Amnesty - Dave
Pax Christi, other VFP chapters - Ken
People for Peace - Barbara

Other ideas:
Homeless veterans: go directly to the Congressional candidates or
County Commissioners where appropriate


IVAW will be in Albuquerque and Las Vegas August 5 to 7; contact Ken
The June 28 Pride on the Plaza invites veteran participation in the
parade at 12 noon
Maurice is working with the Santa Fe Obama organization. Maurice
suggests we try to get the city to declare election day as “Free bus
rides day.” He also suggested considering a ‘stand down’.


H. Corneli, Secy pro-tem
(additional notes by Bob Gaines)

Minutes 5/7/08

Joan Duffy Chapter, VFP

Bob Gaines, Moderator

Bud Ryan, Coordinator of local Pax Christi and VFP member, announced that Pax Christi is presenting an all day program “Becoming People of Peace” at Santa Maria de la Paz  Church on May 17 as their first annual Assembly Day. It involves many local Peace and Justice groups. VFP (Jerry Bober) will be showing Arlington West film. Bud also presented a letter to President Bush urging nuclear disarmament from a hibakusha (survivor of  Hiroshima) which has been circulated to all state governors where substantial nuclear presence exists. Individuals are urged to also forward the letter with their own comments to President Bush.
Reports from in-action Teams:   

Publicity Team – met and has begun compiling a Publicity and Promotion Resource Kit  which can be used with events, issues and projects. Various members are assembling key information which will then be available to any event team to support their dissemination of information into the community. The scope will be Santa Fe, Espanola, Taos and, to some extent, Albuquerque. The kit lists media and venue alternatives with contact information and deadlines as well as “how to” tips for writing press releases, advertisements and stories. Its first “test” will be Memorial Day. The Team also suggested that we develop a list of chapter members who have expertise and could serve as speakers, such as full disclosure, etc. The team is composed of Anna Daly, Kelly Smith, Barbara Conroy, Norm Budow, Joan Kennedy and Nathaniel Mahlberg.

Full Disclosure Team – visited Los Alamos High School April 17-18 for a total of 10 hours class time which included dialog, debate and film.  Nathaniel coordinated the effort with Tim Origer, Maria Santelli, Eduardo Krasilovski, Matt Bambara, Ken Mayers, and Bob Gaines. Nathaniel reported three effects: students gave serious reconsideration to their views, this needed conversation took place and encouragement of what can be done. Letters were received from one of the classes.
Next:  Capital High (1 class). Reporter will write an article.

Memorial Day: Barbara Conroy reported on the Event Team headed by Kip Corneli. This is one of our four major events this year and will be Monday, May 26th on the Plaza. Coordinated with these events is the Memorial Installation (i.e. banners), Eyes Wide Open, and "Body of War" showing at CCA as a benefit for the chapter. From member suggestions last meeting, the details of the day on the Plaza include tabling starting at 11:00 am with informational materials, 300 tagged flowers distributed to those on the Plaza looking at the memorial installation. At 2:00 interfaith speakers will give brief homilies and at 3:00 VFP members and others will proceed to go to the National Cemetery. In the evening tabling will be done at CCA in conjunction with the film.

Mother’s Day will be Sunday, May 11th on the Plaza Bob Gaines reported. VFP involvement will involve tabling and membership recruitment. Memorial installation and Eyes Wide Open will be significant components of the day along with presenters, flowers and music.

Santa Fe Vet Center held a free seminar and resource networking event 4/23/08. Kelly Smith and Barbara Conroy attended and commented on the quality of the program and the extent of the networking with veterans organizations and agencies. The focus was on the reintegration and pastoral care of soldiers and families. Monthly events are held by the Center and Kelly and Barbara will attend those to extend VFP networking connections.

Dave White suggested that we sponsor an event  for veterans, families and friends that will help them address the issue of reintegration.

Barbara Conroy will write an appreciation letter to Congressman Udall thanking him for urging the resignation/firing of an incompetent administrator at the Office of Veterans Affairs.

Norm Budow will frame a letter to the editor thanking Willem Malden of Cloud Cliff for his hospitality to VFP following the Friday demonstrations.

A Fresh Approach – another way of working was re-introduced by Bob Gaines from the last meeting. The membership has concurred that we need to focus on getting commitments from candidates in this key election year for specific policies and actions relevant to veterans. Rather than waiting until November, we need to move now when the candidates are most open to constituents (i.e. vulnerable).

We would benefit from collaborating with other peace groups and being clear on what we ask for. Perhaps we could have pairs of VFP members involved with other peace groups to share information and join in action and connections.  Bud Ryan reported that he was setting up a meeting to look at this prospect, perhaps within the month. Barbara suggested that the VFP members who were part of the recent Bird-dogging workshop could be key resource people since they have learned how to engage candidates in public settings. She will talk to those involved in the training and bring suggestions to the next meeting.

We again discussed issues we could best focus on: ending our involvement/participation in the Iraq war, the GI bill, adequate rehabilitation and reintegration of returning veterans, calling for state legislation in the treatment of veterans, truth in recruiting as legislation at the state level, restructuring the military to emphasize the kind of training and equipment for military action now rather than the expensive and wasteful expenditures built to enhance contractor profits, follow up on the state inventory of PTSD vets, focus on the economics of war with alternatives to the military approach, reorienting LANL by changing the mission and focusing on alternative energy development.

The meeting ended at 9:00


Barbara Conroy
 (with additional notes from Bob Gaines)